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Bards Logic Political Talk

Bards Logic Political Talk


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Is the Government Buying Stocks to Bolster the Stock Market? Discover on Bards Logic the Plunge Protection Team. Forbes in an August 24th article U.S. Plunge Protection Team Out in Full Force and The New York Post article Is the Plunge Protection Team in the Futures Market, give a glimpse of what you will hear in depth on the show. Our guest tonight Candidate for California State Senate Ronald O'Donnell shares with us the information he has collected. Our Guest: Has a lifetime teaching credentials for Real Estate Law, Principles, Practices, Economics, and Appraisal. Doctorate Degree in Law studying law and finance for 44 years. Appeared as an expert witness in a U.S. Tax Court, wrote books on capital accumulation including "Foreclosure Ammunition", spent nine years examining case studies on predatory banking practices, and has been published in newspapers and on numerous radio programs bringing attention to "illegal foreclosures" to the forefront of puclic discussion. As part of WE the PEOPLE, it IS Important for YOU to Stand Up and BE HEARD. Call in with YOUR thoughts on the upcoming debate and candidates. CALL In and you can stay on the line and Be a Part of the Show. Join Our Round Table Discussion. Join our host Robert Jetter, Jr., with panelists Activist Cindy Todd, and Constitutional Scholar and author Kelly Mordecai. Please Remember to Share this Link, Follow us on BlogTalkRadio, and Like our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/BardsLogicPoliticalTalk Bards Logic is the Grassroots, We the People Show.
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Bards Logic's analysis of the First 2016 GOP Presidential Primary Debate. We discuss the debate with audio from the candidates at the both Fox News debates. We hear from Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Ted... more

Bards Logic welcomes 2016 GOP Primary Presidential Candidate John Dummett. We discuss the upcoming debate with audio from some of the candidates at the Presidential Forum in New Hampshire. We hear from Ben Carson, Chris... more

Supreme Court says NO to proving citizenship to vote, Planned Parenthood ( an oxymoron) investigated for selling aborted baby parts, Donald Trump in the lead for the GOP Presidential Primary. What is happening in and to America? The... more

Bards Logic welcomes 2011 FreedomWorks Sons and Daughters of Liberty Award Winner Susan Nielsen to discuss her website http://www.theconstitutionalconservatives.com/ Mission Statement: "Encouraging... more

SCOTUS recently declared Gay Marriage Legal in America. Is Polygamy next? Bards Logic explores the possibilities of a Conservative, Small Government and Religious Perspective. Bards Logic welcome the National Polygamy Advocate... more

Bards Logic discusses the Supreme Court Ruling on gay marriage with Campaign for Liberty''s Dean Klopp. Our Guest:Christian, husband, father, business owner, coach and libertarian Republican. Tired of tyranny and oppression. Was... more

This year marks the 150Th Anniversary of Robert E. Lee surrendering to General Grant at the Appomottox Court House in Virginia, thus officially marking the end of the civil war! We discuss the Confederate Flag Controversy. Call in to tell... more

Covering the GOP 2016 Presidential Primary Race & our guest About US Constitution Project, Inc. Our Constitution was respected around the world during its first hundred years. In the late 1800s, many American students went to... more

Conservative Grassroots Prevail ! Matt Bevin Defeats Establishment Opponient by 83 Votes. However, we CANNOT Stop. We need YOU in moving forward. Please Remember to Share this Link ! Matt braved a run against GOP Senate Majority... more
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