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Spiritual Director of A Path of Enlightenment Healing Arts Ministry. MISSION STATEMENT The Mission of A Path of Enlightenment Healing Arts Ministry is to assist our Global Community with the process of spiritual growth and development. Our intention is to assist the all embracing world identify our spiritual gifts, talents and abilities and in doing so we strengthen our confidence with each other. Peace and Blessings, Rev. Barbara Williams-Brown, M.Msc. Spiritual Director of A Path of Enlightenment Healing Arts Ministry.

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If you are a Christ follower, are you yet emotionally, spiritually, and morally prepared sustain your vows? Proverbs 15:22 22 Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed. Philippians 2:4 4 not looking to your... more
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We have been taught the Greatest thing in the world is Faith. Faith is good.. However that greatest thing in the world is Love. Barbara

A Buddhist perspective from Humanity to Divinity; The All Infinite Will, The Divine Universal Form. Barbara

The Divine Feminine..The Twelve Spiritual faculties of qualities in women. This months Power is Love. Rebekha and Bathsheba or Bathshua are Divine Feminine for the month of Love. Barbara

Before Fillmore was Emma Curtis Hopkins, "The Teacher of Teachers". Classical Wisdom from wisdom herself...E.Curtis Hopkins. Barbara

Author of best selling works such as: "Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice, " What Keeps Me Standing: A Black Grandmother's Guide to Peace, Hope and Inspiration", and "Have vs. Have Nots: What Black Millionaires Know that others... more

The Twelve female representatives: The spiritual powers of Humanity. Today we take a look at Zilpah, the handmaiden to Leah.Ziplah represents discrenment, wise judgement, and wisdom. From the desk of Emma Curtis Hopkins.

Are you a people pleaser? Do you drop what you want to do, to please someone else? The intention of todays show is to give ourselves pernission to set health boundaries.

Would you like to be spiritually centered? Join me in a creative visualization deep breathing exercisis. Barbara

A successful author, Gay Lynn’s three books: Transformative Rituals: Celebrations for Personal Growth (1994); Golden Eggs: Spiritual Wisdom for Birthing Our Lives, (1996) and Twelve Powers in You (2000). Gay Lynn Williamson-Grigas helped... more

In the midst of any storm we have the ability to endure,to remain calm,and to presevere no matter what. Strength is our God given gift. Rev. Barbara
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