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Rev. Barbara's radio experience as Producer and Host dates back to 2006. . Barbara Williams'show is a component of A Path of Enlightenment Healing Arts Ministry. The ministry is a guiding light for each and every one of us. A Path Enlightenment is a spiritual journey. A Path of Enlightenment is a continuing process of awakening ourselves to our true quality within. There is value in us all. Introducing ourselves to our spiritual gifts, utilizing our spiritual gifts, incorporating the principles makes for an enhanced sense of self awareness. You must first become aware of each spiritual principle, become proactive with the incorporating of spiritual values. This is an approach to walking a Path of Enlightenment. My intention is to be a supportive agent towards others as they discover their personal path.

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What is Prayer? Have you ever tried praying about a problem? Does the Divine 911 number really work? Do you believe that you are Beings of God? Based on scripture, what are the five methods of prayer? What Book, chapters and verses of the Bible are used as reference? Learn to listen. Listen to Learn.
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Metaphysical interpretation of Ruth Chapter 3:1-18 Naomi gave Ruth instruction what was it? Did Ruth follow instruction? What was the practice and why? What does the word virtuous mean? Was Boaz a distant relative or a close relative?... more

http://youtu.be/QVhGbW36DoY Everything begins with a Thought. Creative Energy has once again manifested Itself by the creation of a new genre of music which is New Thought Jazz. http://youtu.be/9BmU7og9vmc Todays guest is Mr.... more

In theory willingness means the following: adjective: disposed, consenting, cheerfully or eagerly compliant, accepted freely of voluntarily. adverb: willingly. noun: willingness, readiness, eagerness. verb: volunteer, incline. adverb: freely,... more

A Metaphysical interpretation of the Book of Ruth Chapter 2: 1-23. Rev. Barbara Learn to listen.Listen to learn

A Metaphysical Bible Interpretation. The first chapter of the book of Ruth. Chapter 1:1-22. Why did Naomi and Elimelech leave Beth le'hem in the first place? How many children did Naomi have? What were their names? Naomi also... more

Sutra of The Past Vows Earth Store Bodhisattva versus the western idea of Purgatory. Learn to listen. Listen to Learn. Rev. Barbara

Spiritual Penetrations in the Palace of the Trayastrimsha Also called the heaven of the thirty-three gods. Buddha preached a sermon to his reborn mother and to the gods after which he descended again to earth accompanied by Brahma... more

http://www.dutchessmediation.org/coalition-on-elder-abuse-in-dutchess-county Kathy Sheehan is our special guest today, Ms. Sheehan is with The Coalition on Elder Abuse in Dutchess County is a group of individuals and private and public... more

Soul in the City Rev. Linda Muhammad has her own Interactive program on various issues that empower others to live abundant and vibrant lives. We are honored to have her on the show. Learn to listen. Listen to Learn Rev.. Barbara

Gen. 30:3-8 The mother of Dan and Nephtali The stone is Gold Peridot Bilhah means bashfulness, timidity, tenderness. Affirmation: My understanding of Truth deepens and directs my life"
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