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Lessons With Rev. Barbara


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My experience as a Radio Show Producer and Host dates back to 2006. Currently I am Producer and Host of Lessons with Rev. Barbara http://www.blogtalkradio.com/barbarawilliams. The show and its programming are A Path of Enlightenment Healing Arts Ministry Production. Currently the show airs once weekly, Saturday's 6:00 pm-6:30 pm Eastern. There format is bible lessons, interviews and smooth jazz. There is a guest call in number of (347) 934-0853 as well as an active chat room for audience interface. We are based in Greater New York City, New York.

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Josh. 17:3–6 What does it mean to you to know that in God's Kingdom both men and women are equal heirs? The daughters recognized that there was room for improvement and that their cultural practices were not in harmony with... more

What was the primary gain for Abigail's marriage to David? How many husbands did Abigal have? What do you think it was like for Abigail to live with a mean, emotionally abusive husband? Was the marriage between Abigail and David... more

• 1 Samuel 19:11-24;1 Samuel 14:49; 2 Samuel 6:16 What is the metaphysical interpretation of not only her name but her story? Who was Micha? Who was her mother? How many siblings did she have? How many... more

What is Prayer? Have you ever tried praying about a problem? Does the Divine 911 number really work? Do you believe that you are Beings of God? Based on scripture, what are the five methods of prayer? What Book, chapters and verses... more

What is the main danger of what Jezebel stands for? What is the name of the Pagan Goddess which Jezebel ( Lezebel) wanted erected and why? What are the accomplishments of Lezebel or Jezebel Who wrote the book of Kings in the Old... more

Procrastination, obstinence, stubborness and other behaviors of resistance obstruct effectiveness and productivity that willingness can manifest in our lives. Willingness is an act of volition. Tools utilized are: Aramaic Bible in plain English... more

Explanation of a recent blog I've written. 1) What are your important relationships? 2) What do you value most in your life? 3) What people give you a sense of community? 4) What inspires you and gives you hope? 5) What brings you joy?... more

This lesson was originally scheduled to air June 20th, 2015. A thousand apologies for any inconvenience. In Greek mythology, who is Gaia, and what does she represent? • This lesson will also take a look at Hindu Goddesses and... more

Life is, or at least ought to be, a process of ?letting go and letting?. This is the rhythm of the universe, the rhythm of life. Call it the divine rhythm, if you wish. We need continually to let go of negative beliefs, destructive emotions, unhealthy... more
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