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Mission Statement The Mission of A Path of Enlightenment Healing Arts Ministry is to contribute to the well being of our society by facilitating the process of spiritual growth and development. My intention is to raise the awareness of our spiritual contributions, talents and abilities, with the hopes that our increased understanding strengthens our loyalty and support with each other. The intention of the A Path of Enlightenment Healing Arts’ Radio Ministry is to reinforce Faith in our abilities, to offer encouragement, to create a paradigm shift or develop an improved way of self expression, as well as to improve one’s way of life, more importantly to affirm The Divine Potential within us all. To contact me by email, or skype me at Rev. Barbara Williams Brown leave a message re: A Path of Enlightenment as well as your message. Peace and Blessings

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Can the twelve steps be used in conjunction with premarital counseling? Can the twelve be individually tailored or must they maintain their traditional verbage?
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How did Christianity influence the following women, organizations, as well as other movements? Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a tireless champion of equal rights and a strong challenger of the accepted view of orthodox or approved... more

Ms. Bolds is certified as a birth doula. Ms. Bolds comes from a family of healers and educators. Ms. Bolds owns her own business: Bold Doula under Bold Selah, LLC. She earned her Master's Degree in Social Work from Adelphi... more

The Gift is willingness Passages are taken from the book of Phillipians 4th chapter,vv 2, 4, and:8. What country did both Euodias and Syntyche live? Metaphysically what does each name represent? What is the difference between... more

Can we have the best possible marriage if we have different beliefs, values, and priorities? Couples planning to get married should seek premarital counseling from a qualified counselor. It's exciting that you want to create a great... more

DUE TO AUDIO DIFFICULTIES YOU MAY SEE THE SHOW VIA THIS LINK. Couples planning to get married should seek premarital counseling from a qualified counselor. It's exciting that you want to... more

This show is pre recorded What are the signs of someone with low self esteem? Can healthy self esteem be intimidating? How? Why?

More than the other gospels, Luke focuses on women as playing important roles among Jesus' followers. The word Tryphena is of what derivation? What does the word mean? Can you decipher Romans 16: 12-15? How and why were women... more

Who in your family experienced the most conflict when you were growing up? Who in your family of origin experiences the most conflict now? When your parents experienced conflict between each other, how did they deal with it?... more

What are The Three Refuges of The Buddha? Is there a difference between The Three Precious Ones and The Triple Jewel? What are the Three Ages of Buddhism The Three periods are divided into how many other periods?... more

meditation 10 minutes Woman of The Chalice: Saint Thecla of Iconium. The earliest record of her life comes from the ancient apocrydphal Acts of Paul and Thecla. What was it that Thecla preserved? Why was this important to her? Why... more
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