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Rev. Barbara's radio experience as Producer and Host dates back to 2006. . Barbara Williams'show is a component of A Path of Enlightenment Healing Arts Ministry. The ministry is a guiding light for each and every one of us. A Path Enlightenment is a spiritual journey. A Path of Enlightenment is a continuing process of awakening ourselves to our true quality within. There is value in us all. Introducing ourselves to our spiritual gifts, utilizing our spiritual gifts, incorporating the principles makes for an enhanced sense of self awareness. You must first become aware of each spiritual principle, become proactive with the incorporating of spiritual values. This is an approach to walking a Path of Enlightenment. My intention is to be a supportive agent towards others as they discover their personal path.

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Moses was one of Israel's greatest and most revered leaders. However, he would have perished on several occasions if it had not been for the courage, wisdom, and enterprise of several women. Here is a brief look at these brave... more

Ms. Lawanna Lynn Campbell, the author of "Is She Dead Yet?" is our guest today. We are grateful for her appearance on the show. "Lawanna Lynn Campbell, Motivational Speaker and Author of Is She Dead Yet? The story of how a... more

John 14:27 Peace I leave with you my peace I give to you; What do the Isrealites in Egyptian Slavery represent? Why did the number of Isrealites increase more rapidly in affliction or disorder than in happier circumstances? Why were the... more

Barbara McCaskill, Southern Dutchess N.A.A.C.P and other members of our community are todays special guests. The topics surrounds social community issues as well as events.... more

cited source: Empowerment: You Can Do, Be and Have All Things, by John Randolph Price revised edition 1996 Chapter I: The Art and Science of Prayer Live with the cosmic flow by gaining a greater awareness of your... more The Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff is the... more

Can the twelve steps be used in conjunction with premarital counseling? Can the twelve be individually tailored or must they maintain their traditional verbage?

How did Christianity influence the following women, organizations, as well as other movements? Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a tireless champion of equal rights and a strong challenger of the accepted view of orthodox or approved... more

Ms. Bolds is certified as a birth doula. Ms. Bolds comes from a family of healers and educators. Ms. Bolds owns her own business: Bold Doula under Bold Selah, LLC. She earned her Master's Degree in Social Work from Adelphi... more

The Gift is willingness Passages are taken from the book of Phillipians 4th chapter,vv 2, 4, and:8. What country did both Euodias and Syntyche live? Metaphysically what does each name represent? What is the difference between... more
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