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Let's Talk TV LIVE with Barbara Barnett

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Talking about television, etc. with online entertainment journalist Barbara Barnett.

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Join Blogcritics' publisher and executive editor Barbara Barnett and her usual panel to discuss this week's Once Upon a Time episode, "Bleeding Through." We'll speculate about what's to come as we head into the final four episodes... more
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Join us tonight for our specualtion about this week's Once Upon a Time and what it means for the finale. As usual, we'll also talk a little Game of Thrones and more, inlcuding the upcoming three-episode Elementary arc.

The season finale is just two weeks away and we're back to talk about Once Upon a Time and more with RHeart Chrissy and JeromeWetzelTV. So join us!

Dry spell is over and Once Upon a Time returned last night with a great episode "Lacey." We will talk about the episode tonight and speculate on what's to come for the last three remaining episodes of the season. We'll also catch upon... more

Hate those long hiatuses? Longing for Once Upon a Time to return to new episodes (next Sunday). Then come on down and join the discussion! Have a read here, then tune in and tell us what you think?... more

Join us for a lively discussion about our favorite television shows from Once Upon a Time to Game of Thrones to The Wlaking Dead and more.

After a three week hiatus, Once Upon a Time will be back April 21 with "Lacey." Following that will be" The Evil Queen" and finally the two part "Second Star to the Right" and "Straight on 'Til Morning." We'll talk about the upcoming shows.... more

We'll talk about Once Upon a Time's 3/17 episode "Welcome to Storybrooke" and deconstruct the first day of our crew outside Fairytale Land. We'll also talk about Elementary and what else is on TV as we head into spring.

Jane's next episode is "The Miller's Daughter," which airs Sunday, March 10. Join us Tuesday night when the godess of sci-fi TV writing joins us on Let's Talk TV live to talk about the episode and what may be coming up for the series as it... more

Still having withdrawal over Downton Abbey's Series Three end? Bummed about Matthew? Wondering what will happen to Tom Branson and the baby? Curious about what O'Brien and Thomas may have cooking up downstairs for Season... more

Join Blogcritics' executive editor Barbara Barnett for this lively hour-long discussion of this week's new Once Upon a Time episode The Queen is Dead, and we'll also preview the Miller's Daughter, next Sunday's pivotal... more
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