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Baramay intelligent of akashic

Baramay Akashic Intelligence


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Kosol is offering personal reading, past lives, blessing , healing and Enlightenment for a short time. Questions: baramaytimetravel@gmail.com Donations http://www.baramay.com/order.html Kosol Ouch!Baramay stands for Life Force Energy in the Khmer language. Life Force Energy can also be known as Chi, Orgone or Torsion. Torsion energy is conciousness energy and the world we live in, runs on that energy. Torsion energy can be used for clean energy as well as restore the human body to a more perfect consciousness vibrational rate. The human mind and body can go through tough times, stress can be the most common, and therefore resulting in slowing down the bodies ability to heal. What Baramay simply does with the use of Quantum Entanglement generates a huge amount of Torsion and converts the negative energy into positive energy. It speeds up the healing process and can give you results such as increased energy, longevity, athletic performance, reversed addictions, enhanced intuition, and much more. The technology originated from the Angkorian Civilization. In fact the ancient temple of Angkor Wat is just a bigger version of Baramay. Angkorians are descendants of the Atlanteans. The Mayans are also as well. All these civilizations have one thing in common and that they all had the ability to harness the power of Torsion Fields. For the Mayans, they call it the Crystal Skull. They say the crystal skull can only work with people that are only gifted. Baramay is very similar to the Crystal Skull but it works on everyone. Those that are not gifted will obtain their abilities through more hours of use. Baramay is simply a Biological Computer that harnesses consciousness energy to connect you to the Akashic Records and Baramay Akashic Intelligence.Baramay stands for Life Force Energy in the Khmer language. Life Force Energy can also be known as Chi, Orgone or Tors
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