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Diane Sanfilippo and Liz Wolfe

Balanced Bites: Modern paleo living with Diane Sanfilippo & Liz Wolfe.


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A practical and modern approach to holistic & Paleo/real food nutrition with a healthy dose of humor. Hosted by Diane Sanfilippo & Liz Wolfe (of Real Food Liz). Submit your questions the Balanced Bites website at www.balancedbites.com

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I spoke to "Rich Food Poor Food" authors Mira & Jayson Calton about their new book. We covered some great topics including: what we all need to look out for in our beloved dark chocolate, why assuming anything about foods we eat is a... more

1. [4:05] Can I become cankle free? 2. [14:32] Help with reintroducing foods 3. [24:50] Mirena vs. Copper IUD 4. [31:30] Hereditary constipation 5. [39:00] Thoughts on copper supplements. 6. [44:10] Meals that freeze well 7. [48:30]... more

[7:45] Blood Type Diet [18:18] What happens after 21DSD? [23:39] Hypothyroid, adrenals & now candida? [29:00] CrossFit seems so uninviting to strangers [42:50] Rosacea & red light therapy [48:20] Should I trust my grandfather or... more

Talking with Sarah of ThePaleoMom.com! 2:10 Routine for kids: planning around what's natural for them. 6:36 All about ThePaleoMom.com, Sarah's book on Autoimmune Paleo & The Paleo View podcast #1 [16:15] Can/should an... more

Mark Sisson stops by to talk about his NEW book The Primal Connection...and his inspiration, the inner dialogue, standing, squatting, and connecting with our Primal Genes!

1. Can you mix and match the 30 day meals plans in Practical Paleo? [8:00], 2. Clarifying super foods and goitrogenic foods recommendations. [15:50], 3. Help modifying recipes in Practical Paleo for an egg intolerance [20:50], 4. Can I... more

00:00 -- Introducing Diane, Liz, and the Show (Diane and Liz chit chat 02:30 -- Introducing Nutrient Synergy and Me 04:40 -- Oops the mute button was on! 05:30 -- My Background/Story 09:12 -- What I Ate Before and After My Recover... more

[11:05] 1. What is leaky gut and how do you heal from it? [24:00] 2. Calorie intake, water weight or stress relief? How did I gain 4 lbs in one week? [33:07] 3. Want to do it all, how do I lean out while training hard? [ 43:46] 4. How do I get... more

#1 Time to embrace a natural skin care regime? [12:20] #2 Rosacea, inside and outside approches, what's best? [21:30] #3 Dark under eye circles, anything to be done? [30:48] #4 When all else fails, how to handle persistent acne? [38:00] #5... more

Intro to the detox [15:40] 1. Can I use vinegars? [18:00] 2. Substitute for gum/mints? [21:42] 3. I'm super hungry-is this normal? [26:00] 4. Is becoming extra cranky normal? [29:45] 5. "Athlete" vs. non-athlete [32:10] 6. Why green... more