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Balanced Bites: Modern paleo living.


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A practical and modern approach to holistic & Paleo nutrition with a healthy dose of humor. Hosted by Diane Sanfilippo & Liz Wolfe (of Cave Girl Eats). Submit your questions the Balanced Bites website (www.balancedbites.com).

On-Demand Episodes

1. Dizzy-Paleo Challenge? [9:00] 2. Dizzy-adrenal fatigue? [19:30] 3. Tourette Syndrome [30:45] 4. HCG Diet [36:05] 5. Gut healing [47:20]

Weston A. Price conference thoughts & takeaways #1 Vampire Hands #2 Thyroid Support #3 Life long binge eating and drinking, can I recover while going through menopause? #4 Ex raw vegan, Female MMA Fighter wants less body fat, more... more

Special Topic: How do YOU measure your health status?#1 Brewer's Yeast? [13:52]#2 Coconut oil for Tattoos? [22:13]#3 Gaining weight to help fatigue? [26:05]#4 Keratosis Pilaris, what foods to add what food to avoid? [34:35]#5... more

Topics: 1. Omega 6 in sunflower butter [9:47] 2. Help me to love sardines! [19:26] 3. Hypoglycemia & food changes [23:05] 4. How/when to eat fermented foods – and do I REALLY need FCLO? [32:03] 5. Cold Turkey Headaches &... more

We discuss... Diane's BIG, MAJOR, AWESOME, ALL-CAPS NEWS! Liz's covered wagon road-trip drama; 1. Weight loss – how long will it take? [ 15:28] 2. Sugar detox & vegetarianism [23:25] 3. Living with a family that eats... more

Trapdoor Athletics Eat Primal Excursion Modern Cave Girl BOOK, T-Bone Steak & Liz's houseguest Paleo for Women PCOS Unlocked Guide 1. Hypothyroidism or PCOS?[13:22] 2. Adding sugar to ?help? diabetes meds?[30:06] 3. Low calories... more

Low estrogen, progesterone and high stress. [9:36] Multivitamins & micronutrient sufficiency [18:39] Glucose increasing on a Paleo diet? [32:40] Pre & Post Op, What's best? [42:00] FODMAPS, SCD and GAPS, oh my! [50:29]

#1: How to balance fat and protein with no gallbladder. [8:53] #2: What is my function? Broken appetite signaling? [16:45] #3. Tongue affected by overall toxicity of the body? [26:21] #4. I feel like the Willie Wonka blueberry girl/Dolly... more

#55: Autism & weight gain, pregnancy, sweeteners & more! We discuss the coming of fall foods and answer LOTS of questions in our first facetime podcast! See what happens when Diane and Liz can actually see one another while... more

Questions we get frequently, from "protein overload" to gall bladder removal, rollerblading, and why we LOVE (no, really, we LOVE) Cod Liver Oil.