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News that isn't News

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History is important to learn

History is important to learn


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Today what masquerades as news is gossip or editorialism.  News is supposed to be a reporting of facts that can be substantiated.  We also engage in idolatry.  Why are people who act in movies or on tv or engage in sports more important than me.

News is a reporting of what is going on around the world.  In being informed we can be pro-active instead of re-active.  I hate when people know something as fact and feel helpless to do anything to change what is going on.  There is always something we can do, but it takes courage to step outside the normal stream and just "go along".

We all have and need courage to address what is going on in our lives and the world.  Sometimes other people have to take care of their problems, there is nothing we should do to assist.  Other times it is important to get involved.  We have learned from horrendous acts of tyranny that we mustn't close our eyes and pretend something isn't happening.

My father used to say, "don't get too comfortable" things can always change and not necessarily in a good way.  Being informed is the best defense we have to protecting ourselves, our family and the world we live in.

Don't let "Yellow Journalism" flourish because of ignorance or lack of effort to change the circumstances.  Gossip is not journalism, editorialism is not journalism, idolizing people because they make alot of money isn't journalism.  Give space in your brain for the work that has to be done to improve our circumstance and that of the world.

Don't let people tell you "there is nothing you can do".  To mee those words are like waving a red flag to a bull.  Journalism, true journalism is very important to our society because it lets us know what is going on and gives us a window of opportunity to change or improve ourselves or the world arround us.