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"Truth Time with DrB" is a weekly chat session where we engage the audience in thought-provoking subjects, discuss in-depth topics concerning the current state of the Body of Christ and answer questions from our Sabbath School broadcasts. If you have a question or want to make a comment regarding any of our teachings, come join the conversation and aid us in the revolution!

On-Demand Episodes

In part three of the series: ?Preparation for End Time Possession: Advancing the Kingdom?, Apostle B continues the teaching from 1 John 2 as we look at the first of three evil powers; the anti-Christ, ruling the world systems today and... more

If you are interested in end-time prophecy, want to understand the mysteries of Babylon and its connection to the ?Church?, who Jezebel really is, and decipher the hidden identities of the False Prophet, the Beast, and the Antichrist;... more

In "Winning the Battle for End time Possession: The Abrahamic Covenant pt10 - The Promise Tested to Ratify the Covenant" we see Abraham tested by Yahweh in order to ratify the covenant. Yahweh wanted to know if Abraham would... more

In "Winning the Battle for End time Possession - The Abrahamic Covenant pt9 - The Promise Fulfilled", we see the vision concerning the promised seed come to pass. As Habakkuk testified, ?the vision is for an appointed time, and now, at... more

In "Winning the Battle for End time Possession - The Abrahamic Covenant pt8: Confronting Authorities", we see Abraham faced with his first opportunity after his regeneration to represent his new kingly authority before the mightiest king in the... more

In our last session of "Winning the Battle for End time Possession - The Abrahamic Covenant pt7", we studied Chapter Eighteen of Genesis, where we see the coming of the promise of Isaac. Additionally, Abraham moves into his... more