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Welcome to the Badger Den! When you're inside the den you're outside of the box. It's the world of a creative conservative. Badger talks about American History, Humanities, Faith, Culture, Media and Leadership. We're working on a movement to insert conservatism back into the youth. American history and American Exceptionalism is let's make it that! Join Badger each morning for American Awakening - a little kick start to the day for any great patriot! Right now we're also doing our annual Thanksgiving and Christmas series of shows.

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It's a shorter version from the original show. This show is about Football, Food, Family, Fellowship, Freedom and Faith. It's the second part of our Thanksgiving series!

The second part of our Thanksgiving series. We'll take a look at old traditions and meanings behind the day, and the new additions to those traditions.

25 minutes of highlights from our recent shows - Thanksgiving Show I, Christmas Countdown I, and yesterday's 2010 AmeriCANS and AmeriCANTS. Also a preview of Friday's Thanksgiving Show II.
Badger Benson

AmeriCANTS - Tony Hayward included

  • by Badger Benson
I forgot to mention this on today's program. I had an asterisk on my list for Tony Hayward to read at the end. Tony Hayward, BP CEO - obviously not an American. However, the situation directly affected Americans. Thus he gets a * and is able... more

I'm taking a few minutes away from the holiday programs and doing what will likely be the last political-news show for the year. Who do you think should be my nominees for AmeriCANS of 2010? What about the CANTs?

It's a shorter version of yesterday's Christmas Countdown program.
Badger Benson

Christmas Countdown Series

  • by Badger Benson
Yesterday we kicked off our Christmas Countdown series! The focus was traditions and origins, exploring the secular and religious backgrounds of the Christmas holiday. In case you missed it there will be a reairing of a shortened... more

Today we start our Christmas Countdown Series! We begin with a look at origins and traditions of the Christmas season.

Best of Badger. Replay (edited) short version of our introduction to our Thanksgiving series.

The first of our 2010 Holiday Specials, and the first in our Thanksgiving Series. Our Introduction show will cover a brief history of Thanksgiving in the United States and layout the schedule for the rest of the series for the month.
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