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Welcome to the Badger Den! When you're inside the den you're outside of the box. It's the world of a creative conservative. Badger talks about American History, Humanities, Faith, Culture, Media and Leadership. The summary of the show is simple - American Exceptionalism. Join Badger each morning for American Awakening - a little kick start to the day for any great patriot! Also look out for our annual Thanksgiving and Christmas series of shows. Each year there is a different theme. The 2014 series will simply be "Just Jesus."

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Golden George Awards for 2013 are here! This is the 4th year for the awards inspired by the character George Bailey from "It's A Wonderful Life". Each year we find the people and stories that inspire, uplight, and best espouse the... more

Special guest host Shawn Moran will be taking calls discussing UFC 168, his performance in his fantasy football league, his recent surgery, and anything else that comes to mind. If you only catch one episode this year make sure it is this... more

Today we finish up our Christmas series for this year. The theme has been "It's A Wonderful Life", which has focused on the short story and the movie. We've explored all the areas of that Christmas classic. Today we get into the deeper... more

Part 4 of our It's A Wonderful Life series. So far we've looked at the background of the story, the plot, the filming, and some trivia. This morning we'll look at the influence of the story and film. It'll surprise you how many likely and unlikely... more

I'm back on the air! I was out for a few days when our newborn was welcomed into the world, along with the family Christmas. So obviously our schedule got thrown off a bit here. I'll share more about the birth of my daughter in the next... more

Part Three of "It's A Wonderful Life". Today I go over some more background on the film and story, and also share some really big news! Remember to get your Golden George Awards in for 2013

Two shows in one in this "Ghost" feature. It's all about Santa Claus. We go back to 2010 to learn about the Jolly Old Elf including an interview with the Head Elf himself; then we go back to last year for the Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus.

"Christmas Jars" is a novel by author Jason F. Wright. Jason has a series of Christmas books out, several in the "Jars" series. Make sure to check out his latest called "Picturing Christmas". The Christmas Jars series is about charity,... more

Join me for another Ghost from Christmas Past. Let's kick up your Friday evening with some Christmas music and get your Christmas party going! It's our Christmas music show from 2012. It's a year old, but the music and spirit never goes old!

This is last year's awards show for our Christmas series. Every year we give out the Golden George Awards which are inspired by the character George Bailey from It's A Wonderful Life. We find stories in the news of people and groups that... more
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