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Welcome to the Badger Den! When you're inside the den you're outside of the box. It's the world of a creative conservative. Badger talks about American History, Humanities, Faith, Culture, Media and Leadership. We're working on a movement to insert conservatism back into the youth. American history and American Exceptionalism is let's make it that! Join Badger each morning for American Awakening - a little kick start to the day for any great patriot! Right now we're also doing our annual Thanksgiving and Christmas series of shows.

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No show notes, no plan. Just a whisky and whatever Joe has in the house to mix it with. Tune in as Joe complains about parenting, complains about liberals, complains about Brandon and Shawn

Joe Garnet enters the Badger den armed with the latest headlines of hollywood hypocrites like Harvey Weinstein, trillion dollar budgets, and NSA spying. Maybe we will get a listener or two to call in? Maybe the man himself? Maybe... more

Friday, January 10, 2014 Quote of the Day Morning Prayer for your Friday Morning Devotion - "The Goodness of Marriage" Morning Headlines Closing Prayer - For the peace of Christ

Monday, January 6th, 2014 - Epiphany of Our Lord American Awakening returns! It's the first edition for 2014. Quote of the Day We'll start with a prayer for your Monday morning to kick off the week. Morning Devotion: "God Became Like... more

We'll be replaying a few shows this week. This one was the conclusion to the Christmas series for 2013, "It's A Wonderful Life". It features a short message I had about the story and film, as well as the broader sense of life and this time... more

Joe Garnet does his first solocast of 2014 and discusses dumb california laws, obamacare, conservative keys to victory, resolutions, and fitness?? Did he say fitness?

Happy New Year! I hope you caught last night's show with me, Joe Garnet, Shawn Moran, and Jeremy Jensen, be sure to check out the fun we had. As for today, we're finishing up our Ghosts of Xmas Past series featuring our... more

It's our New Year's Eve Show....should it take place. We're unsure, but we'll try. It'll be a great time...we're usure, but we'll try. Shawn and Joe will join me once again as we celebrate the New Year in Central Time Zone and the hours... more

Happy New Year! Our Ghosts of Christmas Past series continues taking you back to 2011 when our theme was Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol". Last night we did Stave 1 and 2, and here is Stave 3 and 4. It includes commentary about... more

Continue the holiday fun on the Badger Benson Show. We're going back to 2011 when our Christmas series featured the Charles Dickens classic "A Christmas Carol." Tonight we do Stave 1 and Stave 2 of the story. Stave 3 and 4 will be... more
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