Morning Prayer/40 Day Challenge 10/22 "Sent"

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Monday, October 22nd
15 Days until Election Day
Day 25 Prayer Guide: Pray for physical, emotional, and spiritual protection for candidates and their families.

Tonight is the third and final debate. As such I thought it would be good to look back on the prayer for Day 7 for the first presidential debate. So pray for tonight's debate, that truth be revealed. I also thought it would be a good time to pull out 4 other prayers in this series that I feel are important.

From Day 11: Pray for all media outlets to report with integrity, truth, and free of corruption.

From Day 4: Pray for a great outpouring of prayer and fasting for the election. (We are down to just over two weeks, the homestretch, let's get all Christians involved in these final days.)

From Day 22: Pray for candidates to be elected who will both protect Israel and prioritize Israeli relations. (Tonight's debate is about foreign affairs. I feel Israel is an important matter in America's foreign policy.)

From Day 24: Pray for candidates to be elected who will protect religious liberty in America.

"Sent" is the title of our Monday devotion. It's about Joseph. A man who lived without fear and trusted in our Lord's wisdom.

Our Founders and Faith series continues with "The Great Awakenings". We'll look at people like Jonathan Edwards, George Whitfield, and Charles Finney.

Let's end this session with a prayer for help in times of temptation.