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Back2Us Network where passion and purpose align to educate, empower, heal, and transform our community one show at a time. Back2Us Radio discusses a broad range of topics including sexual orientation, disability awareness, mental wellness, educational advocacy, emotional freedom, meditation, and the power of intention. We are YOUR community radio network...created for the community by the community.

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Back2Us Radio Presents...Fitness for the Soul: Guided Meditations and More with Kelly Lynn Prime, Psychic Medium, Energy Healer and Soul Fitness Coach…Welcome to your weekly inner workout. Many people claim that meditation is impossible for them. Fitness for the Soul with Kelly Lynn Prime, is here to show you how simple it can be. Fitness for the Soul is a weekly radio show that will not only provide you with an easy to follow, guided meditation, but it will also teach you the reasons why an inner workout is just as important, if not even MORE important that a physical workout. Join Kelly on Saturdays at 11 am to learn more about all things related to developing a meditative practice, a variety of topics related to your energetic anatomy, and intuitive guidance to assist you throughout your week. Tune in to become attuned to the God/Goddess within YOU.
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In this episode Neo and Dr. Heather Gansel talk about ways to positively impact the Trans community, by featuring the first annual FTM Fitness World conference, and the first historical bodybuilding competition for men of Trans experience... more

AGG On Air, # Podcasting4Change Hosted by Michelle A Dowell-Vest With the recent passing of Prop 71 in Washington, DC, AGG on Air wanted to bring you as much information as possible about the impact of the legalization of Cannabis in... more

Velvet Lips ON AIR is extremely proud to have Robin Wilson-Beattie & Bethany Stevens for a wonderful discussion about sexuality and disability! Having once been a taboo subject, these two sex geeks are setting the world on fire with... more

Reggie Jackson has been taking on the Atlanta Comedy Scene by storm since 2005; and, now she's here on Back2Us Radio bringing her mix of Southern Belle charm with a splash raw realness! Tune in to her live show from Atlanta each... more

#Letters Letters that heal, transform, change, encourage and give you a voice. Today's letter comes from Abby, a 20 year old single mom who makes it her mission to live and love out loud. She wrote her letter to her young son... more

When people hear the name Reggie Jackson they usually think about a black man that hits home runs, not a white woman that tells jokes. Originally from Virginia, Reggie moved to Atlanta in 2005, and very quickly found her knack for... more

What happens when you give the hottest standup comics mics? When people hear the name Reggie Jackson they usually think about a black man that hits home runs, not a white woman that tells jokes. Originally from Virginia, Reggie... more

A comical and real life look into the first year of a newly married couple. Hosted by Michelle and Teresa Dowell-Vest This episode of #ThisMarriedLife is all about The Merge and The Purge How to make both physical and emotional space... more

Love Knows No Distance LGBT Long Distance Relationships I'm Annise--a 40 year old lesbian and mother of two. My partner's name is Benny; and, she is the mother of three. Together, we have five children from ages 10 to 29. Love... more