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Back By Midnight


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A discussion with rock critic and journalist David Browne about his latest musicaol chronicle FIRE AND RIAN.

A discussion with film critic Amy Taubin about the cultural impact of TAXI DRIVER

A discussion about the Blu-ray debut of PATHS OF GLORY.

A discussion with Bill Hunt, Editor-in-Chief of The Digital Bits, about Blu-ray debut of the ALIEN ANTHOLOGY.

A conversation with legendary Film Editor and Sound Designer Walter Murch about the Blu-ray debut of APOCALYPSE NOW.

A discussion with Oscar-nominated cinematographer Owen Roizman about Blu-ray debut of the landmark film THE EXORCIST.

We look back at the Summer of 1985 with interviews highlighting PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENtURE and REAL GENIUS.

With the Blu-ray release of GIMME SHELTER, a conversation with Albert Maysles. Plus, a discussion with critic Glenn Kenny about The Stones impact on the 1960s.

With the release of DOWNHILL RACER, a conversation with Oscar-winning editor Richard A. Harris.