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Welcome to the AZoverload series of podcasts on BlogTalkRadio. Supplementing with LIVE interviews with local Arizona musicians/bands. Hosted by your friends 2mara and Derrick! Showcasing your local favorites and featuring YOUR calls... SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSIC!!!

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We'll get update on what's going on with these delicious noisemakers!!! Plus, new music from Tiger Heist, Howitzer, Blaque Panther Disco , Freedom Assault and Self Inflicted.

What' s Hausu? What does it do and how much does it cost? Tune in and find out!!!

Join us as we discuss roller derby and deliver sandwiches. Call in and get your own salami sandwich delivered by our guess. New tunes from The Gentlemen Ether!

We'll be talking with the lovely lads from Resisting Arrest Records...the bands...the events...the sexual tension. Plus, new msic from Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold.

We'll be talking with touring band Brick Mower on the eve of thier Arizona arrival!!! Plus new music from Sasquanaut and Fatal Error.

We'll be discussing DJing, national polictics and how to make the perfect pina colada with tonight's guest. Also, new music from AZ's Pokaface and more!

Jason Lavalley, organizer for Tucson's potentially newest radio station will be discussing his plans and your opportunity to get involved. We will be discussing our "Remix" contest. New music from Blind Divine and our band of the... more

We will be speaking with the young lads from Phoenix's The Semester Review. We will also be unveiling a new "REMIX" contest available to everyone worldwide!!!! New music from Scorpion Vs. Tarantula as well!!!

Sam Wiley of Phoenix's The Wiley One, will be announcing a special surprise today, just hours before he departs to participate in SXSW. Plus, new music from Ex Cowboy.

We will be talking with Phoenix's Seven 45. Call in with your questions and insults!!!!
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