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It's a special WEDNESDAY NIGHT Edition of The Axiom Radio Program! Join Nate and Jay as they delve into topics that MAY include: Boycotting Rolling Stone, Reactions to the Zimmerman acquittal, the dangerous views of "The... more

Nate and Jay are back on another muggy Tuesday night for your listening pleasure. Tonight's The Axiom Radio Program MAY include: Cetacean Rights, Athiests, Mysterious deaths, double check John Kerry's calendar (reporting for... more

Nate and Jay are back for the first show of the 2nd Half of 2013 if you can believe it. Tonight we we'll weigh in on the Obesity epidemic and World Hunger (thank you Mr. Bloomberg), Obama's Climate Change plan, look back at... more

While playing "Where in the World is Edward Snowden?", mourning the loss of James Gandolfini way too soon, and anticipating the return of the Twinkie, please join Nate and Jay for another Tuesday Night adventure on The Axiom Radio... more

Please join Nate and Jay for another exciting Tuesday Night edition of The Axiom Radio Program. Tonight's topics MAY include: Pondering the epic battle of Bear v Shark, CSI: Dog Poop, the coming end of white people, a look at the latest... more

Your favorite Professional Amateurs, Nate and Jay, are back for another Tuesday free-for-all from 9-11pm EST. Topics MAY Include: Getting lathered up about "Main Core" lists, Feckless Democrats and Republicans that have reversed their... more

Nate and Jay are back at it Tuesday at 9pm EST with another edition of The Axiom Radio Program. In addition to our normal exciting mix of the mundane and important news and analysis (as only professional amateurs can), we will take a... more

Tuesday Night, alright, alright! 9pm EST for the news and entertainment you crave. The Axiom Radio Program is where it's at! Topics MAY include: We hope we could taste the difference between colored rubbing alcohol and top shelf... more

Join Nate and Jay at 9pm EST for another dose of your Tuesday staple...The Axiom Radio Program. While praying for everyone in Oklahoma, other topics MAY include: The assault on the free press you may have missed, your biceps may... more

Tuesday Night is your NEW night for insightful banter and passionate debate. DVR NCIS (either one) and join The Axiom Radio Program at 9pm EST! Topics MAY include: The twin scandals of the Benghazi cover up and IRS selective... more
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