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Awesomology is the study of things that are awesome. The Awesomology Podcast is a show about things we love, don't love, or somehow find interesting.

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Our favorite Lady in Red, Laura Madsen, and Stone Cold Sunday Stewart join Ben Wiggins to decide whether Man of Steel is a great movie or the greatest movie. (Note to listeners: Sunday will be a curmudgeon as usual.) Also of... more

Our favorite Lady in Red, Laura Madsen, stops by the Academy to discuss fate, circumstance, happenstance, and destiny with Ben Wiggins. We also have a special deluxe giveaway from Wine with RobYn with-a-Y... more

Late Sunday and Andria Kastner stop by the Awesomology Podcast to talk about the UNLCON scale, unnecessary PDA on Facebook, which Red Bull flavor is the best, and why "she" is just not that into you.

Stone Cold Sunday Stewart joins Ben to discuss songs they *should* hate but don't, and the ongoing war against parking enforcement employees (otherwise known as parking gnomes).

Southern Belle Paige Wiggins joins the Academy of Awesomology to discuss movies, music, TV, and what the cool kids are doing these days.

A-Town Brown joins Ben to discuss the NBA Playoffs to date. Also, rumor has it someone may call in to debate the greatest flavors of Blow Pops and Jolly Ranchers, and to argue with Ben about Owl City. Who could it be?

NASA climate scientist Josh Willis sits with Ben Wiggins to discuss global warming, making science more accessible, and modern social media.

Sunday Stewart drops by to discuss the Ultimate Badass Bracket, the coming-out of Jason Collins, and the greatest hits of the last six weeks in Awesomology

Matthew Bridges, Awesomology's Newcomer of the Month, joins Ben Wiggins to discuss who the biggest badass of all time is, and to discuss the Academy's Tournament Challenge. Could Superman beat Batman in a fight? Could Galactus... more

Monica Haaland sits down with Ben Wiggins for some Final Four discussion. The two talk about the differences between pro and college sports, then buckle in to discuss the last two weeks of Awesomology, including the posts on the Ultimate... more