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The power of the animal kingdom to guide you home- Madeleine will discuss the role our domestic pets and animals play in re-empowering us and the importance of the messages from the wild species who desire to help us help... more
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In the Experience of Love, Isis, the consciousness of the Divine Feminine, introduces herself as no longer separate from Adam, the Sacred Masculine. In this union, she is now "Your Divine Voice". She comes in to honor Humans and to... more

Our guest is STEPHEN OLSSON, a filmmaker, television producer and seasoned spiritual seeker, who is currently producing & directing Global Spirit - the outstanding PBS TV series hosted by John Cleese and Phil Cousineau. The... more

As they say, money will not solve your problems but lack of money will give them to you. The influence of your finances on your physical health can be profound. We will talk about money and abundance, and how you can use the principle... more

James Wanless is widely known as the creator of the best-selling VOYAGER TAROT: Intuition Cards, one of the most popular modern decks in the world. A former university professor of Political Science, James is a best selling author, a... more

Miriam Knight interviews Dr. Risa Kaparo, a licensed psychotherapist and the developer of somatic learning, a fascinating approach to transforming pain, stress, trauma and aging into wellness and vital longevity. Dr. Kaparo has taught her... more

What's happening on an energetic level on the planet right now? How are those energies affecting your spiritual journey and your overall life? How do you allow true quantum changes without feeling like your life is doing a crash-and-burn?... more

Dr Meg interviews Cheryl Rose-Hall

Anita Moorjani talks to us about her riveting memoir, Dying To Be Me - My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing. After four years of fighting lymphoma, Anita was admitted to hospital in a coma with total organ failure.... more

Hosted by Norma Delaney & E Garret Annofsky, this show will focus on Conscious Breathing to bring us to the Now Moment where we can communicate with our Soul. Call in questions welcome.

Miriam Knight welcomes Christine Stevens to discuss the deep connection we all have to music, and how it can enhance our lives without the need for any special talent or training. Making music can actually switch off the genes that signal... more
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