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B. Brooke Peterson is ‘Lady Rejuvenator'! She is an entrepreneur, Leader and Speaker who ‘Inspires Transformation'. When others are living their retirement past their seventh decade, as a ?Seasoned Citizen Visionary,? she... more

Saturday, May 3 - Tune into the live Crimson Circle webcast from Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado. Today's show will feature a live message from Adamus Saint-Germain channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe and assisted by Linda Benyo. You... more

Our guest is Marie D. Jones, a paranormal explorer who has written and lectured widely about cutting edge science, the paranormal, Ufology, consciousness, Noetics, and metaphysics. A popular guest on radio and TV, she also a co-hosts... more

The lightworkers in their 40's and 50's have already seen so much change, that we tend to forget about the under 30 year-olds. They too have had a myriad of challenges to deal with mostly centered around having advanced consciousness... more

Necole discusses her personal experience with grief and the afterlife; life as a spirit medium and bereaved parent. Mediums have grown in popularity, yet little is truly known and understood about them and their abilities. Necole explains her... more

Miriam Knight moderates the Roundtable Discussion by some of NCReview's top reviewers of their favorites among books they've recently reviewed on www.ncreview.com. Participants in this week's show: Julie Clayton, the Reviews... more

During this special Crimson Circle show, guest host Jean Tinder will talk with Veronica Torres, channeler for Eloheim. Veronica will tell us about her work, how she got started with the Eloheim and who they are. She will share insights and... more

The power of the animal kingdom to guide you home- Madeleine will discuss the role our domestic pets and animals play in re-empowering us and the importance of the messages from the wild species who desire to help us help them help... more

What is the next evolutionary stage of humanity? Ted Chu has some surprising answers. A world-class macro economist, futurist and former chief economist at General Motors and the Abu Dhabi investment Authority, he is currently a... more

Hosted by Norma Delaney & E Garret Annofsky, this show will focus on Conscious Breathing to bring us to the Now Moment where we can communicate with our Soul. Call in questions welcome.
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