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Welcome to the Age of Empowerment: Are You Ready for Your New Contract? with Steve and Barbara Rother According to the group of energies known simply as ‘the Group,' which has been speaking through international teacher, author and channel Steve Rother for almost two decades, there is a group of people that incarnated at the very beginning of civilization that brought in some very special attributes without which humanity could not have survived. That group of souls, which the Group refer to as the Family of ‘E,' always return at critical moments of humanity's evolution to hold the light. Several years ago, Steve and his wife Barbara presented channels about the 7 clans that make up the family of ‘E.' No more was said about the ‘E' Family… until earlier this year when The Group revealed information about the 7th clan—who they are, why they are here, and what their purpose is. In this episode, Steve and Barbara will provide listeners with an exclusive sneak preview on what will be revealed at The Family of ‘E' Reunion, including: •The roles of the 7 Clans •How do we know if we are a member of the E Family? •In a world that is being ravaged by corruption, division, poverty and religious wars, what evidence do we have that these souls are succeeding in their endeavors to ?make a difference? •What else is in store as we move into 2015 •Plus. . . the new Declaration of Spiritual Rights And more . . . Listen to the show on the Awakening Zone Network here; http://www.awakeningzone.com/Episode.aspx?EpisodeID=3324
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In this 90-minute show Nina Impala takes calls from around the world and offers her gentle understanding, wisdom, expertise, and intuition to bring comfort along with the knowledge that you will be okay no matter what may lie ahead.... more

LIVE Broadcast Keeping Pace with the Shift with Jim Self (20 min) followed by Story Waters Story Waters is a modern day mystic/channeler, who differs from many spiritual teachers in the degree to which he seeks to be a fully embodied... more

In this episode Dr Meg and Philip Coppens will be discussing his book 'The Ancient Alien Question.' In this book Philip Coppens discusses questions like: Have we been visited by extraterrestrial beings? Did these "ancient aliens"... more

LIVE Broadcast As we move deeper into the transition that is taking place on planet Earth, the Pleiadians tell us that the time has now come for us to start mastering the energetic tools that will enable us to consciously complete our... more

As we become the new humans, humanity is going through a process where we are continually being re-calibrated to the highest aspect of who we really are. Throughout the world, many are now being called to rediscover and reconnect... more

Your Health - Your Choice with passionate advocate for truth in medicine, Dr. Donese Worden (20 min), followed by James Tyberonn Earth Changes, Ascension, and Multidimensionality and the Law of Attraction James Tyberonn... more

Stephen Mehler has studied ancient Egypt, crystal skulls and UFO's for more than 30 years. In this episode Dr Meg will talk to Stephen about some of the fascinating findings of his life-long search. This episode of Cosmic Particles was... more

In questa puntata intervisteremo Adele Venneri, counselor counselor olistico e gestaltico ed inventrice dell'innovativo metodo "TangoBenattia". Questo metodo affronta il dolore del distacco dalla madre e dalla fonte divina che ogni umano... more

Pure Presence: All About the Kids, is as much for you, the parent, as it is for your children. Each episode will include: · A short message from the collective consciousness of the children. · Information you need in order to bridge... more

LIVE Broadcast Show starts with Astrological Messages for 2012 and Beyond with BBC Astrologer, Alison Chester Lambert (20 min), followed by Nick Redfern You've seen the movie, now find out the truth from an expert. In his latest book,... more