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The Sandie Sedgbeer Show with guest Philip Coppens

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
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The Ancient Alien Question with Philip Coppens

Have we been visited by extraterrestrial beings?? Did these "ancient aliens" contribute to the birth of human civilization?? Do our ancient monuments contain evidence of their presence?

In this show Philip Coppens reveals an array of astonishing truths outlined in his book ,The Ancient Alien Question, including:?

A radically different understanding of the pyramids and how they were constructed; the origins of crystal skulls and how they were found; the extraordinary stories behind monuments such as the Nazca lines and Puma Punku, and who built them;?and how extraterrestrials came to our planet and the evidence that supports this.

Analyzing the historical and archaeological evidence, Philip Coppens demonstrates that there is substantial proof that our ancestors were far more technologically advanced than currently accepted, and that certain cultures interacted with non-human intelligences. Our ancestors were clearly not alone.

Philip will also sharenew, eye-opening information from Erich von Daniken’s Odyssey of the Gods including his revolutionary interpretation of the sites and legends of ancient Greece; the conflict between "alien" gods and humans; the true origin of centaurs, the Cyclops, and other "mythical" creatures; and a startling new explanation of the Atlantis legend.


Philip Coppens is an author and investigative journalist, ranging from the world of politics to ancient history and mystery. He co-hosts The Spirit Revolutionradio show with his wife Kathleen McGowan and is a frequent contributor to NEXUS Magazineand Atlantis Rising Magazine. Since 1995, he has lectured extensively and appeared in a number of television and DVD documentaries, including Ancient Aliens: The Series (The History Channel).