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In this show Dr. Douglas Davies and Charity Parrish discuss medication use for mental health. The rise in the usage of mind medication is of growing concern. Prescription medication use for mental health is at record high levels. Questions addressed in this show include: When should you take a mental health medication, if ever? What are the physical and psychological dependence aspects? How should you withdraw safely from mind medications? What supports may assist you in this process? What are the potential effects upon a person's physical and spiritual body of taking these medications? What are the alternatives to these medications if you need short term assistance with your mood? What should never be mixed with mind medications? What may be more beneficial to try before these medications? How may medication use effect your spiritual awakening and your journey to enlightenment? Are there global effects on consciousness of this medication use? Charity Parrish http://www.newpsychology.com.au Listen on the Awakening Zone: http://www.awakeningzone.com/Episode.aspx?EpisodeID=3182
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This episode is presented in French. A discussion in Paris, 9 May 2014 is offered. Guests: Della & Michael Organizer: Philippe Herbert (Association Etre Presence)

This episode is presented in Japanese. Summary of the Shoud: Discovery Series 11 Today's special: Happy Anyways Introduction to Della & Michael: Games of Life Philosophy of religion for children: Righteous law and evil doctrine