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InnerSpeak - What Are You Waiting For?

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Bestselling author Kristen Moeller joins me again to introduce her new book, What Are You Waiting For?

After losing her dream home and all her worldly possessions in a fire that killed three people and demolished 21 homes, Kristen dove headfirst into an exploration of our cultural discomfort with grief and the existence of God. Learn what she found.

Do you find yourself waiting for the right moment? The ideal relationship? The perfect job? Are you waiting for your “real” life to begin? Do think that the gifts of life are right around the corner? That one day you will arrive and everything will be okay? Do you endlessly search, yet never seem to find? Kristen Moeller explores our pervasive human tendency to wait for life and to look outside ourselves for answers, inspiring us to get on the path, move forward and take the shot!

On this show you will learn:

1. What is waiting? Why are we waiting?

2. Life-transitioning and how to do it

3. What does it mean to “disrupt the ordinary”?

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