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About myself-Korean show Episode #8 The Show 'About myself', it tells about who we are. Consiousness life is all about myself, no one else can take it but me. The Show tells about the story of people walking in the spiritual Journey of awakening and living with their own sovereign. We'd like to talk and introduce about the topic "Myself" what Adamus and Tobias, Kuthmi said. This show is going to be spoken in Korean. If you want to know more about Crimson circle, visit About Crimson circle Korea, visit About Crimson circle Korea community, visit If you need more information, please contact by e-mail : *Bio of Host -Jiyoung Choi, Art director As the influence of her mother, from an early age, Jiyoung has brought a lot of attention to finding Spiritual quest, art, music, physics. She has been interested in transferring messages and communication, so Jiyoung is working at a TV Station in Seoul for 9 years. Triggered by SES(Sexual Energy School) in Korea, she has been working in Crimson Circle Korea as a teacher of Crimson Circle. -Youngwan, Choi, Internet Business CEO Youngwan is running his own Internet Business in Seoul. And He is a teacher of Crimson Circle. Living with his two cats and family, and he is really loving for walk with sunset.
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Jonette and Ewa Foley, a well-known Polish author and speaker will discuss the new rules for personal power in these times of awakening. They will challenge your thinking, providing insights for remaining centered even when... more

Author and astrologer Alice Staciones joins me to discuss her new book The Journey To NOW and the times we are in along with their astrological implications.

The Light Lounge is an interactive show designed to provide you with overviews and coverage of current events on our shifting planet earth. Co-hosted by Steve & Barbara Rother and Meg Adamson-Gour, each episode will feature in depth,... more

Throughout time animals have not only brought companionship and protection to humans, but also a vital connection to the spirit world. By tapping into the wisdom of the ecofields that surround us, both physical and energetic, we can learn... more

Carolyn Gervais is the author of I Dreamed I Was Human - Awakening From The Illusion. We will discuss metaphysical concepts that describe how human life connects with spirit and soul.

El programa de habla hispana sobre la Nueva Energía. ¿Tienes interés en escuchar acerca de temas de metafísica, espiritualidad y la Nueva Energía? Te invitamos a que nos acompañes... more

About myself-Korean show Episode #7 This Episode "Your own voice" The Show 'About myself', it tells about who we are. Consiousness life is all about myself, no one else can take it but me. The Show tells about the story of people walking in... more

What is it like to have a conscious birth? Can you make choices even before conception? Can you set up a new partnership with the body for pregnancy, labor and delivery? Join us as we hear from parents who worked with an Adoula... more

Kimberly Marooney, Author, Healer and Angelic Messenger, returns as my guest to talk about what to do when the Angels are trying to get our attention. We'll talk about how to hear their call and how to follow their gentle (and some times... more