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Your body has a creative energy field that is perfectly designed for making the life of your dreams, yet most people don't know how to access this place. Holistic energy healer and award winning author, Tami Lynn Kent, will share her "wild creative" tools developed with over 3000 clients to harness the true potential of this inner creative field. Soem of the topics we will discuss are: - Missing link between spirit and body that affects creative flow & abundance. - Potential in working at spirit/body interface to engage with the creative framework that is imprinted. - Application of ancient feminine energy for our modern lives & how bringing in the feminine can transform our masculine ways of being in jobs, schedules, careers, partnerships. - How to work with this inner creative framework so that it aligns with our intentions. - How to manifest careers, houses, partnerships, dreams based on using the creative energy in ones own center.
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Marla Steele is a Pet Psychic shifting consciousness in the animal kingdom. She uses a blend of energy healing modalities including Reiki, Matrix Energetics, Flower Essences and Aromatherapy. She does most of her sessions at a... more

Avem darul de a face alegeri constiente. Ce sunt alegerile constiente? Ce rol au acestea? Cum le putem folosi si integra in viata noastra de zi cu zi pentru a ne crea realitatea pe care ne-o dorim? Va invitam sa impartasiti din reusitele si... more

Three time cancer survivor, Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos joins me to share how precognitive dreams saved her life and how the dream reality of creation can work to enhance your ability ti manifest what you desire. Her new book is... more

El programa de habla hispana sobre la Nueva Energía. ¿Tienes interés en escuchar acerca de temas de metafísica, espiritualidad y la Nueva Energía? Te invitamos a que nos acompañes... more

The Light Lounge is an interactive show designed to provide you with overviews and coverage of current events on our shifting planet earth. Co-hosted by Steve & Barbara Rother and Meg Adamson-Gour, each episode will feature in depth,... more

About myself-Korean show Episode #10 The Show 'About myself', it tells about who we are. Consiousness life is all about myself, no one else can take it but me. In this episode, it will be treat the subject of "Death" and Susan's story... more

We are very pleased to welcome as our guest Heidi Stäheli who has a practice as a midwife in Switzerland. She has a unique perspective of conscious birthing as she is not only a midwife, but is a spiritual Adoula and a... more

Carl Johan Calleman, pre-eminenet expert on the Mayan calendar, returns as my guest to discuss his new book, The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization. He will show how the Mayan calendar actually maps the evolution... more

Tonight's soul adventure focuses on listening, hearing the call of your soul and heeding it. Your life is a living organism. Its wellbeing relies on the balance of multiple systems including mental health, physical wellness, service to others,... more