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We have long been fascinated by the Mayan Calendar. We all thought the great day of awakening would happen in 2012, but surprisingly little occurred. When does this shift happen? Have we missed something? Are we wrong about our assumptions? Join me as I speak with Carl Johan Callemen about the mysterious odd-dated calendar by which no other culture adheres. A fascinating topic and insight into little known facts about this ancient time-tracking method.
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Esther van der Zee oefent vooral zichzelf uit. En dat doet ze met Levenslust. In haar boek 'Levenslust, leef met zin' deelt ze haar verhaal en de inzichten die ze heeft opgedaan. Levenslust klinkt eenvoudig, net als 'zin om te leven'. En toch... more

Join Kelly as she interviews filmmaker, author, producer and more Betsy Chasse! Betsy has created Spiritual with some wonderful friends to usher in a new age, one where we can laugh while we listen, expand our minds and push the... more

Polskie tlumaczenie comiesiecznego spotkania swiadomych ludzi, dedykowanemu Oddechowi Kompasji*. Spotkanie jest prowadzone przez Aandrah'e oraz Ohn'a i mozna je jednoczesnie ogladac na ich stronie internetowej:... more

Polskie Tlumaczenie symultaniczne comiesiecznego spotkania ogólnoswiatowego stowarzyszenia ludzi przechodzacych przez proces duchowego oswiecenia. Jest to swiete zgromadzenie zwane SHOUD (stare... more

We are use symbols on a daily basis. They are universal images that express universal concepts, ideas, beliefs, directions, and instructions. However, many of these symbols are misinterpretted and misaligned. Join me as I speak with... more

In this episode I'll be talking to Jim Self, creator of Mastery Alchemy, about the fall of consciousness and the new aspects of creation. He will explain who we are and who we are becoming. I'll ask Jim about the differences of the 3rd, 4th... more

Learning is always going on; it is impossible to avoid learning something at any given moment. Likewise, whether we realize it or not, we are constantly teaching the world around us. Veronica is joined by Liz Erickson to discuss our ongoing... more

While Joseph Campbell ?covered the mythological waterfront,? he never wrote a book on the Goddess. However, he had much to say on the subject. Between 1972 and 1986 he gave over twenty lectures and workshops on Goddesses,... more

When Robert Moss was three years old, after the first of his three ?near-death experiences,? his parents were told, ?Your boy died and came back.? The phrase ?died and came back? stuck with Moss, who views it as more accurate than... more

We had a taste of it back in April and we may now be tasting it again as Mars moves into an opposition with Uranus. Together these two planets can create quite a stir. With Mars ruling agression, ambition, action, and even anger... more