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Your Spiritual Awakening Zone

Your Spiritual Awakening Zone


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Join Transformational Life Empowerment & Divine Grace Healing Facilitator & Instructor Certified in Spiritual Psychology; Divine Human Activation Creator, Facilitator & Instructor; Seminar Author & Facilitator; Awakening Zone Co-founder and General Manager; Channel and Host JOE RUMBOLO www.HealingTheUniverse.comas he !!WELCOMES!! Master Healer, Author, Speaker and Teacher, DR. MEG BLACKBURN LOSEY www.SpiritLite.com


How is it that miracles happen? Is spontaneous healing really possible? Why is it that some illnesses don't show up in standard or even specialized medical testing, yet are very real in their effects? Can someone be "cosmically sick" with no apparent physical cause? How do the people and places around us affect us in our everyday lives? Can we intentionally and effectively create miracles of healing, to change lives, or to effect positive outcomes even when situations seem hopeless? How can symbols of light be used to instantly attune someone's entire energy system?

DR. MEG BLACKBURN LOSEYanswers these questions and many others in this ground-breaking book and on the air with CLEAR VIBRATION host, JOE RUMBOLO.

TOUCHING THE LIGHTbrings the reader into previously unknown worlds of healing and explains not only how energy healing is possible but how it works. It is the quintessential instruction manual for holistic healing in the third dimension and beyond!

Join JOE and MEG for 60 minutes of Education, Transformation, Inspiration, Enlightenment, Entertainment and Funas they discuss a variety of topics including TOUCHING THE LIGHT, Multi-Dimensional Living, Ascension, 2012 and whatever YOU choose to discuss!