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The Dr Elizabeth Show- Guest Stephani Victor 9/21/11

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Join Dr Elizabeth as she interviews the incredibly inspiring Stephani Victor.  For this astonishingly courageous woman, there could be no more fitting last name then Victor!

USC Film grad & actress Stephani Victor is living her own gold medal script.  Loading her car in 1995, she was pinned against her vehicle when an out of control car struck her.  In order to save her life, both of her legs were amputated.  Stephani’s will to live was astonishing and she was determined to overcome this unthinkable experience.  While in intensive care, she had a dream of making a documentary film about her recovery entitled “The lengths I will go”.  Three years, 11 reconstructive surgeries later, she took her first skiing lesson.  Since then she has won 5 paralympic medals, 4 world champion titles and 5 overall world titles!

In 1999, while promoting a movie she was appearing in at Sundance, she took her first ski lesson.  Less than 3 years later she medaled at the 2002 paralympics!

Stephani has appeared on 20/20, The View, The Best Damn Sports Show Period & E! News.  She has also appeared in many international commercials including Coca Cola. 

Stephani was featured in the documentary film “Lology” and the Ski Channel’s feature film “The Story” currently in theatres! 

Stephani is a brilliant and award winning inspirational speaker.  Whether speaking to corporations, inner city schools or racing down the slopes, anyone within reach of her Radiant Bright Light and loving heart realizes Stephani possesses the rarest of all gifts, the ability to positively inspire, motivate and lead!

Stephani Victor
Olympic Gold Medalist
Dr Elizabeth Lambaer
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