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We have long been fascinated by the Mayan Calendar. We all thought the great day of awakening would happen in 2012, but surprisingly little occurred. When does this shift happen? Have we missed something? Are we wrong about our assumptions? Join me as I speak with Carl Johan Callemen about the mysterious odd-dated calendar by which no other culture adheres. A fascinating topic and insight into little known facts about this ancient time-tracking method.
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Enjoy this pre-recorded episode of The D-Spot featuring special guest Michael D. Fowler talking about is amazing book Drama Game. DRAMA GAME is a fascinating new look at the play called life that we are enacting on the stage... more

After a long an grueling winter and spring, we are coming to a period where things may appear just a touch easier. Jupiter has entered Leo where it will rmain for the next year, so fire signs and air signs should benefit from this planet of optimism... more

Think you won't have any more problems as a Living Master? Think again. This journey is not about being perfect, untouchable, always being in the flow. It's an amazing experience of our creations in relationship, We can realign our energy... more

In this segment of the D-spot meet artists who have used their dreams in their chosen work. Meet painters, poets and musicians who have received images, words and musical scores in dreams and who have practiced the 'art of... more

We all know the song and the saying, but what if it were really true? Are people born on a bad day? Some are, but Hazel Dixon-Cooper thinks we are all born on a rotten day. That's the title of her hilarious take on all the astrology... more

I'll be speaking to Keirsten about "The Little Light Project" which is a 501c nonprofit that provides a voice and services to kids who are struggling today due to heightened sensitivity/intuitive gifts. Kids dealing with recent sexual... more

ExtraOrdinary Technology: Topics Tesla Technology • Magnetic Motors • Zero-Point Energy Energy Saving Devices • Cosmic/Radiant Energy • Brown's Gas Low Temperature Plasma • GEET • ElectroGravitation... more

Did you have a strange dream last night? A recurring dream? Did you fly? Did you fall? Did you dine with Oprah on a magic carpet? Did you know it's strange NOT to have a strange dream? Did you know that today is Dream Interpretation... more

The planet of abundance and optimism will slide into Leo in the next few days and Leos will be celebrating. Jupiter only stops by a sign once every 12 years and, Leo, your rime has come. To make the news even better, he'll be guiding... more