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Join Kelly as she interviews Rev. Geoff Nelson and author Brent Hunter, today on The D-Spot. Rev. Geoff Nelson is a Presbyterian pastor in Whittier, California, USA. With over 35 years experience with his own dreams, he recently completed a D. Min. degree on ?Dream Groups in the Church.? A pastor for 33 years, he is also a trained spiritual director. Brent Hunter is an author, IT professional, producer, and social media pioneer as the founder of the first Internet-based global community called ?The Park,? with more than 700,000 members in 190 countries worldwide. Brent is part Muslim and part Jewish, and was brought up as a Christian. He currently studies and lives by an integrated set of universal principles, believing that all paths are divine and must be equally respected in order for the world to become a significantly better place for all of our brothers and sisters worldwide. The universal principles are described in one of his award-winning books, The Rainbow Bridge: Bridge to Inner Peace and to World Peace. The Rainbow Bridge has been endorsed by H.H. the Dalai Lama, New York Times bestselling authors, and a growing chorus of prestigious global luminaries. It has also received 12 awards/recognitions, including the 2013 Bronze Medal for World Peace; Winner of a 2014 National Indie Excellence Award; Winner in the 2014 Los Angeles Book Festival; and Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals in the 2014 Global Ebook Awards.
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As we enter into a time of expansion and abundance in many areas of our lives we may find that we are held back, just when we feel ready to launch. This theme may feel pervasive across the planet as progress is made, but just not to the... more

Are you living from a calm, centered place or are aspects getting in the way? We spend our whole lives trying to fix ourselves, trying to make ourselves better, and trying to get rid of those parts of ourselves that we don't like. And every time we... more

Join Kelly as she interviews psychologist Deirdre Barrett about Dreams & Creative Problem Solving. Deirdre Barrett, Ph.D. is a psychologist on the faculty of Harvard Medical School's Behavioral Medicine Program. She is the Past President of... more

In this enlightening and comforting episode I speak with a deeply spiritual human about the power of prayer. It does not matter what you believe, but rather that you simply something. Paramhansa is an inspired soul whose journey... more

Join Janelle Collard as she speaks with Robert Schwartz, author of Your Souls' Plan, Discovering the life you planned before you were born, and Your Soul's Gift. Robert will discuss why each of us decided to experience challenges such as... more

Dr. Miceal Ledwith will discuss the evolution in consciousness based on his talked entitled the "Conversation". We will discuss how the brain forms and processes fundamental and crippling beliefs, especially religious beliefs. Ideas to be... more

Join Kelly as she interviews extraordinary New Age/World Music Recording Artist Kaliyani! Featuring a blend of exotic world music style woven with a new age, elegant, yet complex thread, Kaliyani's evocative vocals are reminiscent of some... more

You may have heard the term and are a bit unclear about what an "aspect" is in terms of astrology. We all know the word in our everyday language, but how does it apply to astrology and why is it is different? In this show, I'll... more

Dr. Gerald Pollack & Water Science Breakthroughs Dr Gerald Pollack, at the University of Washington laboratory, have discovered that water is NOT always H2O. When touching most surfaces, water transforms itself into so-called... more