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In 1999 Genpo created what he named the Big Mind Process, also known as Big Mind/Big Heart, which teaches not only the teaching of Zen but also spiritual practices within Eastern and Western traditions. It has helped thousands of... more
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Guest: Stephen Lewis - EMC2 (Energetic Matrix) If health, healing, extreme well-being, self-empowerment, longevity, anti-aging and higher consciousness are areas of interest to you, Stephen Lewis is someone you'll wish you'd met years... more

Join Kelly as she interviews authoer Maureen St. Germain. Maureen is a guest you will return to over and over. Considered the Practical Mystic, you can count on her wit and wisdom to entertain you and your audience. Best selling... more

As Uranus clicks into 12 debgrees Aries and Jupiter steps into 12 degrees Aries this week, we see two more major planets inching closer to the 13 degree point of the grand cardinal cross of the last week of April. By now the electricity... more

Nogal wat spirituele geïnteresseerde mensen hebben veel aan zichzelf gewerkt, gemediteerd en Egypte en Nepal bezocht, maar komen tot de conclusie dat ze, wat hen in wezen het meest nabij is, de familie, onbewust als... more

Join Kelly as she interviews author Lisa Osina. Her book A Wolf Song is a healing story about a multidimensional, dual-life journey of tragedy, gratitude and forgiveness. Its key characters—Hanna and Margaret; their ?spirit?... more

Polskie tlumaczenie comiesiecznego spotkania swiadomych ludzi, dedykowanemu Oddechowi Kompasji*. Spotkanie jest prowadzone przez Aandrah'e oraz Ohn'a i mozna je jednoczesnie ogladac na ich stronie internetowej:... more

Polskie Tlumaczenie symultaniczne comiesiecznego spotkania ogólnoswiatowego stowarzyszenia ludzi przechodzacych przez proces duchowego oswiecenia. Jest to swiete zgromadzenie zwane SHOUD (stare... more

The Ancient Science of the Cards is not a psychic science, channeling, or fortune telling. It is distinct from astrology, numerology, and tarot. You don't have to be interested in either metaphysics or spirituality to benefit from it. It's practical,... more

Two renowned clairvoyants, spiritual healers and teachers have been helping clients throughout the world for over 26 years together in their practice through metaphysically-oriented classes, workshops TeleSeminars and keynote... more