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Awakenings is Your place for insight, tools and the 411 to track & navigate the Path of Awakening, Soul Expression, and living your life more fulfilled in all areas. Learn and share in living more awake, aware and conscious in your everyday life. Gain the insight and learn the tools to find your Soul purpose and Path to live your Soul Expression more happily and abundantly Awakenings broadcasts live every Wed. 12pm -1:30 pm PT Call in for intuitive readings and with your questions and to share. #347-539-5122 Michele gives a talk every week and answers listener's questions; as well as does readings for callers. Awakenings Podcasts are available on Itunes Through Awakenings you can get the support and tools to make the changes to live more fulfilled, authentic, Soul expressed and prosperous. Be a part of awakening Dialogues, Interviews, Meditation, Healing & learn the tools to Navigate the individual & collective Shifts of Awakening. Email to get your questions answered on air; or for guest and topic suggestions. _____________________________________________________________________________ Michele is an artist, guide and creator focused on inspiring and empowering other in their own life. She is a constant student of life and the Mystery of The All That is... She shares what she has learned along the path in hopes that others will live more fulfilled, happy and life the life the dream. Michele is also a published author of transformational audio CDs and the book and companion CD “Meditation for Everyday Living”. Michele focuses on useful tools for transformation, healing and empowerment for life enhancement. She gives us an idea of what we can expect in this new phase of human Evolution and assists personally and collectively. For more information email:

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Eloheim teaches that we each have a 'list' of experiences our Soul wishes to have in order to grow. Core Emotion - Your core emotion is usually a single emotion or fear that permeates all aspects of your life. Examples include: fear of the... more

Per Jen Blackert "Your mind can change your life from a so-so life to the phenomenal life you have only dreamed about" There are 7 dragons or 'thought patterns' per Jen Blackert that keep people from reaching their goals" "Observing... more

We search for that which we are but as yet revealed. We are now being coaxed & coached to expanded beyond most people's concepts & mental constructs this can bring some paranoia & fear. We have to transcend the constructed beliefs... more

global,astrological spiritual and esoteric information & wisdom in relation to humanity as a whole & the world in service. "Light is directly connected to evolution and our states of consciousness. Light itself is evolving along with all of... more

Nearly everybody is in a prison no matter where they are, whether behind walls or just within themselves.” It was not until Don was locked up behind bars that he realized he had been in his own personal prison for 40 years. He realized he... more

In Megan's readings: Psychic Readings are using the "clairs" to read what is going on in your chakras and in the layers of the aura. All 12 of the chakras correspond to layers of your aura. When doing a psychic reading I look at the first 7... more

Dyan Garris writes an inspirational Daily Channeled Message, which posts every day on her website. Her Audio CD "Release" charted at #4 on the New Age Reporter music billboard chart. Dyan Garris has been counseling clients in order... more

Michael Skowronski is the author of the book, Unforgettable: A Love and Spiritual Growth Story, which is an inspiring true story about love, miracles and facing the challenge of cancer in a loved one. His Unforgettable book has received many... more
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Timing vs Time

  • by Awakenings Radio
As one who assists others as a Spiritual Life Coach, Metaphysical Teacher and Intuitive Channel I get asked a lot. “When?”--”When is this going to happen?” Whatever the issue, concern or topic the consideration of ‘time’ becomes a key... more

Throughout many years as a professional channel, Kristina has further developed herself to be a channel capable of full expression. Kristina approaches channeling from a therapeutic perspective and offers an understanding of the... more
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