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Rev Rhonda

Awake: Now What?


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Everyone is talking about "being awake" or the "transition". What does this really mean? How can we apply it to our day to day lives? Is "The Secret" working for you? This is the next step. For ongoing information join http://theawakenet.org. Contact Rhonda at rhonda@theawakeningcenter.com

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Come and meet Norma Gentile, sound shaman, healer and teacher. As Norma puts it, " Listening to our soul let's us bring into our lives what our soul needs to nourish and challenge us into spiritual growth." Check out her website at... more

We are honored to present Shelly Dressel: Channel, Reiki Master, Teacher and the list goes on. Join us with your questions. To find out more go to Shelly's website http://www.goddesslight.net. Attend her free teleconference twice... more

This is a discussion on how self-doubt and self-worth are tied together and how they influence you.

Continuing Round Table about The Awakening Center that was started on Friday, 4/25/2008, on Namaste Beloved. Take the opportunity to ask about the Center and the people that are making it happen.

E Go, You Go, I Go. Ego has gotten a lot of bad press for a while now. It's time to find out what is true Ego and what is False and how to use them for your growth. Bring your questions to the blog chat room or call me during the show and let's... more

Last week we talked about trust and fear. This time we address Judgment and Discernment and all that entails. What is true judgment? What does it mean "to discern"? Bring your questions to the blog chat room or call me during the show... more

Let's talk about trust and fear. What is fear? How do you know to trust? These seem to be big issues right now and there's a reason for it, as always. Call in with your comments and questions. This is an interactive radio show after all.

Channeling is the topic this evening. Everyone can channel. The how, what, which, when of it all and how to discern what you're hearing and whether it's for you.

Life in the New Paradigm: "Every person's life is theirs by right. An individual's life can and must belong only to himself (herself), not to any society or community, or (s)he is then but a slave." Terry Goodkind Faith of the Fallen. This is what many... more

Tonight we'll address more of the mail-in questions. Also, there is a group called the Librarians who have been using Rhonda as their voicebox for years. They wish to speak to you this evening. Bring your questions and they'll answer.
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