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Awake: Now What?


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Everyone is talking about "being awake" or the "transition". What does this really mean? How can we apply it to our day to day lives? Is "The Secret" working for you? This is the next step. For ongoing information join --------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE from Rhonda Sept 29 2013: Hello all, I'm alive! I have some physical challenges I am working through. It has been an interesting experience. I continue to prove my medical team wrong in their negative predictions, trusting myself in what is possible and proving it so. I look forward to getting back to the weekly show in divine time. Please contact me at

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Hello everyone! Although there is a lot of contention over the latest Supreme Court decisions, I see it as an effort to bring the freedom of choice back to the people. That was the purpose of our constitution and we have given up,... more

Shelly and her "friends" return to bring us information and wisdom about our evolution. Shelly began channeling in 1994 and was connected to the Goddess of Creation in 2001. That affinity grew and now just about anyone can "appear"... more

June 23, Chat with Virginia O'Hara, Victoria and friendsThrough Virginia, Victoria and friends will bring us new information on our evolution.Virginia O'Hara is a delightful and insightful intuitive who has been and continues to be here serving... more

Teresa Proctor is a Psychic Intuitive, Medium, Life Coach, Speaker, Channeller of Mary Magdalene and author of the forth coming The Real Mary Magdalene: The Most Powerful Woman in History. Teresa studied under the guidance... more

Kerrie has her first grandchild and life is in a tizzy. She'll be back in the fall when life settles down. Congratulations Kerrie :) Tune in for the weekly numerology though.

Wallace W. Lossing is a worldwide speaker, presenter and practitioner with 40 years of experience in healing and innovative intervention. He provides hypnotherapy, cranial sacral therapy and spiritual physical healing. He is also a... more

There will not be a show today. Life got in the way :) However, the numerology for the week will be played. Enjoy your time off!!!!!!!!

JD has written a marvelous book called 11 Days in May. It's an excellant read and has a lot to assist everyone. JD embraces Core Values such as Trust, Integrity and Sharing; Guiding Principles, such as Responsibility, Truth and... more

Betsy returns with her new book, a revision of her 1996 The WHAT HAPPENS IF I...Book: How To Make Action/Reaction Work For You Instead Of Against You. She has written two books in a wonderful trilogy about Christ and his... more

Jill is a spiritual teacher, channel, healer, writer and inspirational figure for many seeking to access their God-self in their current journey. Her awakening process in 2009 amidst the higher frequencies and her soul blueprint offered her... more
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