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Did you ever feel like there was something really wrong in the world of men and women, but could not put your finger on it? Well, Neo, to find your answer all you have to do is take the Red Pill. Join your host, men's activist Paul Elam, as we explore the world of modern men and women in ways far too real for the Matrix of the mainstream media. You will need to buckle up for this one. Seriously. Everything you have ever thought about men, women and maybe even yourself is about to change.

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Tonight we have as our guest Attila Vinczer, Activism Coordinator at AVFM to talk about the arrest of his twelve year old son, Steven. Steven is the target of what appears to be a witch hunt at his school. He has been accused of misconduct... more

Join us on Tales From The Infrared as we delve into the brand new world of Steam Machines and SteamOS. What is Valve trying to accomplish? What do they hope to achieve? Gaming on linux perhaps? Do they want to compete with... more

On January 10, Huffnágel Pista, Lucian Vâlsan and James Huff will be covering the news for the latest week and then will pursue into a discussion about ways to do individual activism that involves a bearable amount of... more

We all know that feminists believe in equality. And thats certainly a reasonable principle to hold. But here's the catch. Feminists get to define how the men's side is measured and how the women's side is measured. They get to define... more

Tonight on Think Tank we'll be joined by two YouTubing Dads - Joffre Swait and Jay the Straightshooter - to talk about why they homeschool their kids. Why do you people homeschool their kids? Is the government doing a poor job of... more

It has been an amazing year for AVFM and the Men's Human Rights Movement in general. Between amazing news events like the Mary Kellett Disciplinary Hearings and Men's Rights Edmonton's fantastic anti feminist antics as well as AVFM's... more

This week our special guest is Professor Murray Straus, a pioneering researcher on the subjects of sexual violence, intimate partner violence, and child abuse. Straus is possibly the most influential researcher on this issue in the academic... more

On January 3, Huffnágel Pista, Lucian Vâlsan and James Huff will be covering the news for the end of 2013 and then invite the listeners to call in and have a chat with the hosts. The year 2014 has just begun and we may still be... more

Tonight on Honey Badger Radio, we're doing silent call in lines. What that means is that we will be available to take private calls on the usual call in number. These calls won't be broadcast unless requested by the caller. In the meantime... more

Join Nicholas Alahverdian on Think Tank at 6PM Eastern/11PM London live on New Year's Day. This week, our guest is Dr. Todd L. Bottom of DePaul University. 2013 was a huge year for the Men's Human Rights Movement (MHRM). We'll be... more
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