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Did you ever feel like there was something really wrong in the world of men and women, but could not put your finger on it? Well, Neo, to find your answer all you have to do is take the Red Pill. Join your host, men's activist Paul Elam, as we explore the world of modern men and women in ways far too real for the Matrix of the mainstream media. You will need to buckle up for this one. Seriously. Everything you have ever thought about men, women and maybe even yourself is about to change.

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Episode 2: Links to all show stories discussed here: http://www.avoiceformen.com/a-voice-for-men/tales-from-the-infrared-the-weaponized-pen/ Topics include: Man hovers over cat, Fathers allowed to be part of family... more

Tonight on AVFM News and Activism: News from Romania!Valsan Lucian joins us for his first time as the new European News Correspondent providing a much needed perspective from an important battleground for men's rights. We will be... more

Her body, her choice. Her body, her choice. Anyone who questions this particular mantra is most definitely a villain; a cackling cad in a cape, twirling his mustache as he ties a crying damsel to the train tracks. But there are some unexamined... more

Geek culture from a Red Pill pespective! Did you ever think there was a problem with the way men and women interact in geek and gaming culture? We think so too, and it's not what either the feminists or the conservative... more

Tonight on AVFM News and Activism we have none other than Bernard Chapin of Chapin's Inferno who will be talking about the election last week and give his analysis of the political landscape. We will cover how gender played a big role in... more

Did you ever notice the tendency in most women to constantly crave something a little, uh, better when it comes to the men in tbeir lives? Do women remain on the lookout for men with more money, power, prestige, social standing or sex appeal... more

Tonight on AVFM News and Activism we will dedicate the guest portion of our show to covering current developments in the Vladek Filler case. Joining us will be Paul Elam and John the Other to talk about the abhorrent... more

Men, you need to get in touch with your feminine side. What this means is, be more compassionate, demonstrate more empathy towards other people, get in touch with your emotions, and generally be a better human being. This is the... more

We all know the score. Rape. That most evil of all crimes, a fate worse then death, the most appalling thing one person can inflict on another. Well, let's be honest here. The most appalling thing a man can do to a woman, since other... more

Tonight we have as our guest Dr. Greg Canning, Australian News Director for AVFM. We will be discussing recent events in the Australian Parliament and the Gillard Government on the whole. Coming from the medical profession where he... more
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