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Honey Badger Radio: Men Going Their Own Way

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It's hard to be a man these days.

I you don't get married, you'll be a peter pan. A layabout. A no-good bum and also a some sort of sinister social cyst ready to explode all your unchanelled bachelorness all over the good folks of society.

You can go the traditional route and earn an identity sacrificing for a woman. In exchange you get to call yourself the head of the household. 

Of course if you take responsibility for a woman and a family, feminists' will call you a patriarchal devil. 

And no matter how traditional your wife, you don't exactly have any protections should she get an itch that can only be scratched by a man who's, you know, more authoritative than you.

Some men are deciding that maybe they'd just like to be… you know… a guy. Not a monster or a hero. Just themselves. 

Without women. Or their expectations.

But apparently that's not their prerogative. Because despite the abuse both camps like to heap on men for getting married, for staying single, for being divorced… for going left and going right and going nowhere at all… Men are still supposed to play the game.