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Meet the Zeta Female

  • Broadcast in Politics



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The world does not need more grown up toddlers, women with princess complexes or women for whom choices with consequence are a strange foreign concept. However, modern feminism continues to cling to an absurd idea that holding women as unaccountable, conceptually powerless non-acting victims of outside circumstance – this will, through some magical process; empower them. That has been the experiment for the past 50 years, and now, we're full up with crazy, so please, sell it somewhere else.


What we really could do with a bit more of are self-defined, self-determined grown-up adults who make choices and who understand cause and effect. These are not the pseudo-strong-women caricatures of hyper-sexed and hyper violent female action heroes, they're adult human beings – and far from fearing them, JtO and Typhon Blue will be proposing a model of female identity which fosters actual strength, adulthood, and accountability in women, along with adult self ownership. The name given to this model is Zeta Femininity.

This is the female empowerment promised by feminism for 50 years, but never delivered, finally brought to you by the movement that just hates women and wants them back in the kitchen, makin you a sammich!