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Dr F

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Dr. F is back with show number three.

The interview is with our Solaris.  Mr Solaris is an awesome Aussie MRA from Perth,  and he's West Australia's answer to the question of feminism and you know something else...his answer is "no" and he elaborates on that in a way that has him rather unique.

He'll tell you all about where some of us MRA's drop the ball and just do not see forest because of those stupid trees that in the way, and that's just some of it.

Two original pieces from our wonderful Alcazar and the also show has Dr. Canning in an extraordinary phone call to the equal opportunity mob and boy, does he get the run around with a twit with a dinner plated sized gob and a couple of skull wings smaller than bent stamps. He however is a man of tenacity in the face of it.

"Post of the Week" is there as usual and tell me, are you quivering in the audience waiting to have your name read out like them Hollywood hysterics on Oscar night ?

"Black Knight Corner" is back and it has been revamped, and not only that, but that very revamping has it where there is an insane twist in it.  A hint - I am going to be used and abused by you lot just as a dunny brush is in the hands of a muscular toilet cleaner at a three day curry festival.  So use me and abuse me as you will.

What is it that drives me to do these things ?  Is it you... is it them... is it me  ?

Life is so terribly confusing.