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America's implosion! Why America will collapse economically & socially.

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The Constitution + human nature = eventual dictatorship.

Yes, the theory of the Constitution is absolutely terrific. But unfortunately, the actual words of the Constitution do not restrict the powers of government as many revisionist amateur historians want to believe.
Instead, Article 1, Section 8, plus the "Supremacy" clause give Congress more than enough "legal" power to rule America at the expense of the citizens' natural rights. While Rome (America) is burning, Nero (the typical revisionist historian and the typical American citizen) is fiddling. That is, they're wasting time talking about "'if' we could get back to the Founding Father's Constitution, we'd have our America back!"
Yeah, well, the biggest two-letter word in the English language is "if." Pandora's box was opened as soon as the Constitution was signed, and the genie isn't going back inside that bottle.  The problems we have today were predicted by the Anti-Federalists of 1789.  They knew the Constitution didn't guarantee a damn thing.  But you never heard about them in History class, did you?  They knew about "The Matrix" before the Cohen brothers did.
If you want your so-called rights, you, personally, and not a corrupt government, have to fight for them. That's the ugly truth. Whether you carry that fight to the ballot box or to the street, well, that's up to you.
To be a member of tonight's discussion you have to pass a simple two-part IQ test of sorts. You don't pass, you don't get on the show. And bubba, if you can't pass that simple test, you don't deserve to be on the show - period.