Autistic Adventures

Autistic Adventures

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Looking at the lighter side of autism, supporting parents of special needs kids and special needs adults, and making friends.

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We get a chance to sit down and chat with Amber. A school psycologist and owner of the facebook page "Breaking out of the Box". And give callers a chance to call in and to ask questions.

Hear about and share your upcoming autism related projects and events.

We finally made it back to the podcast world. We have missed all of you. We are going to get back on schedule in the next week, but wanted to jump on and say we are here... and we aren't going anywhere. :)

Special guests including teachers and advocates discuss all aspects of autism and education. Including IEP's, programs, assistance, advocation, and support. Feel free to call in and ask questions!

Open show for anyone to call in and chat about ASD retalted stories :)


Let's share stories, tips, and advice about what things we do during halloween and our kids.

From our special guest on the podcast:"Hey there I'm the founder of Beards For Autism. I was wanting to figure out how I could go about call in to the podcast. I want to do a session on BFA and reach out to all the males out there... more

Do you run an special needs related facebook page, or a blog, or a website? We want to hear from you. This is your chance to talk to the listeners about your projects and share some information on why you are a part of the autism... more

I notice a lot of posts on facebook autism pages from parents of newly diagnosed children asking "What do I do now?"Anyone that has children on the spectrum has been there. We know that feeling of confusion and not knowing what to... more