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ANCA Radio, Autistic People, People First is a Naturally Autistic® ANCA® radio show, created to educate the public about our growing Global Autistic Community. Our shows celebrate the diversity, strength and talents of a once misunderstood and marginalized group of people. The shows are educational, artistic, informative and cultural. Our hosts broadcast live from Canada, Australia, and the USA. Our listening audience is from Asia Pacific region, North & South America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Please share these daily shows and or our podcasts and archive shows with your networks. This radio show is part of our Autism Outreach 2012 international program, bringing our global community together with LIVE broadcasts from around the world. Visit our website to learn more

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Maria Iliou is your Director, your Host for Life Styles on Monday's. Maria Iliou special Guest is Ryan Berman. Ryan Berman is sharing his life experiences. Ryan is Chief Operating Offericer at the Mircle Project and Autism Family... more
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MOSAIC - 4pm with award winning host Maria Iliou. will be sharing her recent publishings in Ryme and PUNishment Anthology and first Poetry Reading on Monday May 28, 2012 Maria Iliou Poems got accepted fpr Barns Annual 2012... more

Here's an encore presention of Febuary 19th, 2012's New Generation with Nekea Balgoev. The chatroom is open for discussion and questions but the switchboard wil be closed. Direct yourselves there for this encore. On today's show I... more

You've heard the hype and listened to parts of the soundtrack. Now, on this episode of Radio Drama, Tim Pylypiuk finally brings you a performance of "The Skowl's Call". It's a tale filled with suspense, horror, drama, heart and humanity... more

4pm - 6pm PST - Leonora speaks with Jane Strauss author, photographic artist and advocate as well as self proclaimed activist will be on Kaleidoscope today - a remarkable lady making a difference in the world of autism and disabilities.... more

4pm - host Leonora Gregory-Collura will be speaking with Cathy Hutch of 'Hutchinson Music and Photo' New Brunswick, Eastern Canada. Cathy has an autistic daughter and is the person with BJ McKelvie who partnered to create... more

Encore presentation of the 2012 Naturally Autistic People Awards Kick-Off live in Maple Ridge. 10.30am - 12.30pm PST with host Maria Iliou, and Tim Pylypiuk, Leo Gregory on the ground in Maple Ridge LIVE at the special event... more

The Essence with Erik Estabrook (Encore) 4pm - 5pm In this repeat, we return to the world of singing sensation Colin Brennan and his father Gordon Brennan in this interview. Chatroom is open but switchboard will be closed. Y - 5pm to... more

MOSAIC - 4pm with award winning host Maria Iliou. Maria will be conducting "radio teaching"covering the various art forms and mediums used in visual, descriptive, literary, portrayal etc...Maria's Poem Dentist is Publish...Ryme and... more

This is an encore presentation of April 8th, 2012's episode of New Generation. Chatroom is open but switchboard is closed. Welcome to New Generation Monday 9th April 10am Queensland Australia Time. The radio show New... more

SHOW SPECIAL 2012 INAPA/CF KICK-OFF May 12, 2012 10.30am - 12.30pm PST with host Maria Iliou, and Tim Pylypiuk, Leo Gregory on the ground in Maple Ridge LIVE at the special event with Mayor Daykin, MP Randy Kamp Pitt... more
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