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ANCA Radio, Autistic People, People First is a Naturally Autistic® ANCA® radio show, created to educate the public about our growing Global Autistic Community. Our shows celebrate the diversity, strength and talents of a once misunderstood and marginalized group of people. The shows are educational, artistic, informative and cultural. Our hosts broadcast live from Canada, Australia, and the USA. Our listening audience is from Asia Pacific region, North & South America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Please share these daily shows and or our podcasts and archive shows with your networks. This radio show is part of our Autism Outreach 2012 international program, bringing our global community together with LIVE broadcasts from around the world. Visit our website to learn more

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Maria Iliou is your Director Manager, your Co-Host and your Host Jocelyn Davis Eastman or Jess Davis for Autistic Broadcasting News on Sunday's. Our Autistic Advocates: Jess Davis, Maria Iliou and Our Advocates: Jocelyn Davis Eastman, Sharron Davis...Sharing News of the Day. Maria Iliou is your Director Manager, your Host for Autistic Theatre Music Caf'e on Sunday's. Maria play special Encored Maria Iliou is your Ambassador for Long Island NY
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Join host Leonora Gregory-Collura today for a discussion on topics contributed by one of our listeners and livestream viewers from our social networking audience, Tatem Webb Today's radio show topics, thanks to listener and chat room viewer... more

Maria Iliou is host for Life Styles every Monday two hour special new show. Monday March 25, 2013 is Greek Independence day and Annoucement for Greek Community, talk Greek History, Talk and communicate on this article on "... more

Tim and Thilo "Many Bears" of the musical group B.E.A.R. discuss and take your calls and questions on topics such as the enviornment, social responsibility and spiritual awareness. They often share their music live on the program. Tune in!... more

Orientation - Part Two Synopsis: Pearl Bekken, Elvin Student, makes connections with patients on her first day at Upper Mainline Hospital. All the while thinking about Kathy, whose presence remains omnipresent and more sinister... more

SHOWTIME has changed today to 10am PST due to very busy schedule of our host Leonora Gregory-Collura Join us for today's show with guest Yvonne Mikulecak founder of AWA will be a continuation of discussion in previous show... more

This week, the hosts are joined by Ph.D. candidate and creator of the soon-to-be-unveiled documentary, "De-Voiced", to discuss the perils, pitfalls, challenges, and consequences of forced psychiatry. No other doctors have the... more

On tonight's episode, Tim Pylypiuk and and co-host Colleen Skinner let loose with the discussion period on issues centered around good health. This time, the gloves come off for one particular topic so be warned that the opinions... more

Leonora Gregory-Collura Âû Artistic Director/Choreographer/Producer will be sharing her experience at Govdernment House and teh wonderful people she met, the upcoming Autism Awareness Day event Kick-Off on the Sunshine... more

Maria Iliou is Host for Life Styles on every Monday 2 hours show. The Mind Stream Poetry and Music. Poets: Maria Iliou read Rose Guedes poems, James P. Wagner, Marc Rosen, Donna Woods, Poets: Athena Maria Iliou and Maria... more

Synopsis: A scientist works on developing an exact robotic duplicate of himself as part of an experiment in easing the fears towards human cloning. But as the relationship between creator and creation builds, the line of identity begins to... more
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