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Autistic People

Autistic People


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Maria Iliou is sitting host for Lets Talk Beyond the Lable, Beyond Life Experiences, Beyond the Doors...Opening One Door of Opportunties. Maria Iliou is Interviewing Mary White Mackey, Mary White Mackey is Speech Language Pathologist. Mary experiences working years with children-Teenagers, Mary new challengies is working with students on Autism Spectrum.  Mary expectations as a Speech Language Pathologist Teacher is learning more, Understanding more about Autism Spectrum and unique for each person !  

Inantile Autism, Classic Autism, Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, PDD, ASD, Autism Language Communication Disorder Learning Disabilities                                                     

Signs to look for in children with autism include: * Lack of or Delay in spoken language Repetitive use of language and or motor mannerisms e.g., hand flapping, twirling obects, *little or no eye contact, Lack of Interestin peer relationshipa,*Lack of spontangeous or make-believe play * Persistent fixation on parts of objects*  How Autism Diagnosed?

No Babbling or pointing by age one, * No Single words by 16 months or two-words phrases by age 2 * No Response to Name, Loss of Language or Social skills * Poor Eye contact *  Excessive lining upof toys or objects * No smiling or social responsiveness / Later * Impaired Ability to make friends with peers * Impaired ability to Initate or sustain a conversation with others * Sterotyped, Repetitive, or unusual use of language * Restricted patterns of Interest that are abnormal in intensity or focus * Preoccupation with certain objects or subjects * Inflexible adherence to specific routines or rituals