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  • Author Michaela Carter Discusses Further Out Than You Thought

    in Books

    Combining the eloquence and raw sensuality of Jeanette Winterson with the romantic, renegade spirit of Patti Smith, Further Out Than You Thought is a taut and erotically charged literary debut, set against the chaos of the 1992 L.A. riots, about three people searching for identity and meaning from award-winning poet and indie bookshop co-founder Michaela Carter. In the Neverland that is Los Angeles, where make-believe seems real, three dreamers find themselves on the verge of transfo

  • Kim Harrison discusses Urban Fantasy

    in Books

    Special guest Kim Harrison talks about the Urban Fantasy genre and where it's going.

  • Catherine Hanrahan, discussing her novel, Lost Girls and Love Hotels

    in Books

    An interview with author Catherine Hanrahan, discussing her debut novel, Lost Girls and Love Hotels, the enthralling story of a young Canadian girl attempting to dull the emotional legacy of her brother’s descent into schizophrenia by losing herself in racy sexual encounters in Tokyo’s red light district.

  • Smart Bitch Sarah Gives It To Us Straight....

    in Books

    Few people have the pointed insight into the romance genre as Sarah Wendell, the eponymous SB-Sarah of the acclaimed Smart Bitches Trashy Books blog (www.sb-tb.com), and co-author of Beyond Heaving Bosoms: The Smart Bitches' Guide to Romance Novels. Find out why authors such as Nora Roberts, Lisa Kleypas and Jennifer Crusie celebrate the Smart Bitches for "all that's ridiculous and annoying in the genre, while showcasing all that's good and valuable, with wit, style, intelligence, and snark" wi

  • Marilyn Johnson talks to Library Lovefest

    in Books

    What will the libraries of the future look like? Will we even need them? In a world of streaming media, instant messages, wikis and blogs, Google and search engines, has library science become as irrelevant as Gutenberg? Virginia Stanley, Director of Library Marketing at HarperCollins interviews author Marilyn Johnson who will discuss her latest publication, THIS BOOK IS OVERDUE!: HOW LIBRARIANS AND CYBRARIANS CAN SAVE US ALL. Tracing the history of librarians from Dewey to digital, Johnson ex