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  • Book Club Girl Talks to Thrity Umrigar, author of The Space Between Us

    in Books

    Book Club Girl of the blog www.bookclubgirl.com, hosts a book club discussion with Thrity Umrigar, author of the acclaimed book group favorite The Space Between Us.

  • Lucy Hurston

    in Books

    Lucy Hurston—author, college professor, and niece of Zora Neale Hurston—will discuss her aunt’s work with Jennifer Hubbell and her English class at Marymount High School in Los Angeles.

  • DeVa Gantt on Romance Radio

    in Books

    Author duo DeVa Gantt discuss their ongoing trilogy, COLETTE'S LEGACY, and their latest book, DECISION AND DESTINY.

  • First Book in a Series

    in Books

    Listen and discuss how to set up your world and characters when writing your first book in a series (and the ones that come afterward). Join bestselling authors Jeaniene Frost and Rachel Vincent as well as Fangs, Fur, and Fey authors Jeanne Stein, Jenna Black, and Patrice Michelle with Eos Executive Editor, Diana Gill for this lively exchange.

  • Marilyn Johnson talks to Library Lovefest

    in Books

    What will the libraries of the future look like? Will we even need them? In a world of streaming media, instant messages, wikis and blogs, Google and search engines, has library science become as irrelevant as Gutenberg? Virginia Stanley, Director of Library Marketing at HarperCollins interviews author Marilyn Johnson who will discuss her latest publication, THIS BOOK IS OVERDUE!: HOW LIBRARIANS AND CYBRARIANS CAN SAVE US ALL. Tracing the history of librarians from Dewey to digital, Johnson ex