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Inspirational, motivational, and encouraging - Spend a moment in time with Author G. D. Grace and his creatively talented guests.

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(S5) KINGS on GD's A Touch of Grace Presents... Robert Welsey Branch from The Robert Wesley Branch Show Thursday, 9/18/2014 @ 1:30PM, p.s.t/4:30PM, e.s.t. From Any Phone, Call Into Show @ 347-215-7169 Profile: Big picture visionary, creative manager, inspired ideas guy, passionate storyteller, resourceful multimedia man, experienced executive producer of television, gifted writer, soulful life coach, opinionated talk radio host, charismatic public relations spokesman, loving son, loyal friend, trusted brother, wise encourager of your soul. Guest Profile: For the past 15 years, I have earned a gracious living as a television executive; some of my accomplishments include TV One, headquarterd in Silver Spring, Maryland. As an exectuive in charge of production, my TV One credits include In Coversation: The Michelle Obama Interview and TV One Live: The DNC After Party, which was the network's first foray into live television production, broadcast from the Comcast Media Center during the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denever. Bethesda has been home since April 5, 1996 -- Good Friday -- when I (once more) left my childhood neighborhood in Forestville to be closer to Discovery Channel, where I worked as an associate producer. Located north of Washington, DC. Bethesda lies within Montgomery County Maryland... "Be well, be encouraged, be Inspired everyday!" RWB Complete Autobiography: http://robertwesleybranch.com/RWBBio2.htm
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(S5) Street Player Presents... The gifted young vocalist Corey Rae' and Saxophonist, Producer, Songwriter and CEO of Silkscreen Productions LLC, Ray Silkman. They enter the virtual lounge on GD's A Touch of Grace... Thursday,... more

(S5) Queens on GD's A Touch of Grace Presents.... Laura Poindexter - Spiritual Poet, Radio Producer and Host of The Literary Corner. She joins GD on his highly acclaimed #BlogTalkRadio show to discuss recovery, radio, and poetry on... more

(S5) Cinema Masterminds Presents... The daughter of infamous drug lord Frank Lucas (as portrayed by Denzel Washington in the movie An American Gangster) tells her side of the story. (Francine) Lucas & (Cornell) Brown are the... more

(S5) Cinema Masters on A Touch of Grace Presents... Lamont Gant of Creative Genius Films, an American Film and Television Production Company Sunday 8/10/14 @ 1:30PM, p.s.t./4:30PM, e.s.t. From any phone call into show at... more

On Saturday, 8/9/2014 @ 1:30PM, p.s.t./4:30PM, e.s.t. GD celebrates 200 successful broadcast episodes on #BlogTalkRadio (S5) Street Player on A Touch of Grace Presents.... Marc Gordon the remaining member of the R&B Group... more

On Monday, 8/4/2014 @ (1:30PM,p.s.t./4:30PM, e.s.t.) (S5) I, Artist on A Touch of Grace Presents... Playwright Andrionna L. Williams and the talented actors/actresses from the Los Angeles Cast of "In-Laws From Hell." Join GD in... more

(S5) Cinema Master on GD's A Touch of Grace Presents... Eric B. Ramsey – Writer/Producer/Director Sunday 8/3/2014 @ 1:30PM, p.s.t./4:30PM, e.s.st. From any phone call 347-215-7169 to listen, press 1 to speak... more

(S5) Street Player Presents... Tate Music Group's Christian Performing Artist, John Henry Harvey comes to the virutal loung Saturday, 7/26/2014 @ 1:30PM, p.s.t. on GD's A Touch of Grace to talk spirituality, music, and love. John Henry... more

On Sunday, 7/20/2014, @ (1:30PM,p.s.t./3:30PM,c.s.t) From any phone call 347-215-7169 - press 1 to talk to guest and host (S5) Street Player on A Touch of Grace Presents... Velvet-Voiced Rising Star Mic Young joins GD steps into the... more

On Saturday, 7/19/2014, @ (1:30PM,p.s.t./3:30PM,c.s.t) From any phone call 347-215-7169 - press 1 to talk to guest and host (S5) Street Player on A Touch of Grace Presents... Tate Music Group's artist David Perez, who'll enter the virutual... more