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Where we find common ground and take it to the next level with David Clarke. Different Strokes for Different Folks is where you will be finding common ground and taking it to the next level. This show will encourage you to keep an open mind and prepare to open the door to new understandings.

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Cat Edwards is a Clairvoyant/ Medium and Spiritual Teacher, a Singer and Writer. Cat also gives Spiritual Service to the Community with her work as a J.P (Qual) – Queensland Australia and Civil Funeral Celebrant. Born in Scotland, Cat moved with her family to Australia when she was 4 years old. As a young child, Cat became aware of having some spiritual knowledge and began to have her first spiritual experiences. When she was 15, Cat began to Read for her friends and at 24, she began to Read professionally. Cat loves to help her clients when they hit a cross roads in life, Life direction issues are her speciality. With Spiritual Insight, Cat can give you the help you need to find your way. Gifted with Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Channelling and Mediumship, Cat works closely with her team of Spirit Guides and Angel friends to garner messages for YOU from theGreat Spirit.
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David Clarke takes you on an amazing adventure that will open the door to new understandings of the meaning of life and spirit. You will see that we are all God; that we are all the Christ that Jesus taught us. You will hear about David's... more

DANIEL PARMEGGIANI was born in Venezuela in 1968, and moved to the United States when he was 12 years old. Growing up in a household traumatized by the violent death of his older brother, and caught between two radically different... more

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There's not really much to say about myself except i'm a seeker looking for the bottom-line truth about life, death, and God, and i'm still looking outside of myself, even tho i understand the impossibility of this based on simple math. Essential... more

I'm known as the past life generator or even better the Fear Buster because I move backward so easily. Sometimes I lose track of when today is. This is a calculated risk of constantly taping into the past-moving back and forth. When I... more

Dr. Christine Bradley s a Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Physician, Certified Yoga Teacher and loving mother of two. Within her health and wellness practice she strives to create a nurturing and supportive environment that... more

Ada Marie, a revolutionary seer, healer, life coach, and counselor, has been and continues to be available to help those who seek the truth. In her lengthy career, Ada Marie produced and starred in thirty-two television shows in the... more

Paula Guenon worked in the Entertainment Industry for over 25 years, 20 ½ years of that for Warner Bros. Studios. 2009, was a life changing experience for Paula. After working in the corporate world, she decided to use her professional... more

Vincent Genna is a world-renowned powerful psychic healer, respected spiritual teacher, and dynamic vibrant speaker who provides the clarity and inspiration to provide spiritual healing and help you stop stopping yourself! Vincent's 29 years... more

Brenda Pearce is an innovator. A RN of 30 years, she is an author, healer, speaker, dreamer. She has learned to live life from a balanced perspective. It was during a hands on healing session that occurred a little over a decade ago... more