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Atheist Courtney Lynn

Courtney Lynn


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I am a self-published author of children's books for little atheists and freethinkers. Topics discussed will be about atheism and indoctrination of religion.

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The events in South Carolina have angered me on several levels. I am angry at the acts of Dylann Roof and I am angry that people are wishing he would end up in a "paradise" and they are forgiving him. Religion has caused society a lot... more

Most people become atheists after looking at the facts of reality and they realize their religion (and all religion) is bullshit. However, the problem becomes that once they leave the mindset of being religious, they feel like they should not be a... more

So many people think that atheists are all scientists or at least have an advanced understanding of science, but that is not true. However, just because someone does not have an affinity for science, does not mean they cannot accept the... more

I was watching Atheist Analysis: Conversations with Christians and some guy called "Gman" was on. Apparently he is a street preacher in Jersey who thinks that not all Christians ARE Christians and that everything in the bible is true.... more

Now, now, calm down! I am not saying we should teach creationism in science class, but we should have a religious studies class or at least introduce religion in public schools. There is a great way to do it without it overstepping or promoting... more

I am so tired of people saying that atheists are mad or hate god. We cannot be angry with something that does not exist. We also do not believe in satan or worship any supernatural deity.

I get a lot of questions from people about why I wrote children's books for atheists. Some people think I am pushing atheism, while others think kids are too young to be labeled. Some parents choose not even tell their kids about god... more

As an atheist, I am always asked "How do you have morals without religion?" To be honest, it's not really a hard question to answer. Unfortuntaely, a lot of religious people think it is an impossible question to answer. They feel superior in thinking... more

Teenagers go through so much during this time in their lives. Everything is changing, they are finding their own voice, and they are becoming their own person. They have independent thoughts and feelings. One thing that a lot of... more

Might as well start off my radio show with a BANG! Tonight's episode is about the religious indoctrination in children and why it is child abuse. Even if we grow up and realize the reality that there is no god, the indoctrination we suffered as... more