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Featuring interviews with top authors, speakers & celebrities who candidly share their views, advice and wisdom on what it means to be authentic. Join us on February 3rd as we kick off Authentic You Radio with special guest don Jose Ruiz. Ruiz is the co-author of "The Fifth Agreement" and son of the Oprah endorsed best-selling author, don Miguel Ruiz (author of The Four Agreements).

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This is a special episode of Trailblazers as host Lynda Sacks gets up close and so personal with her own life! She'll take the whole half hour to share her intimate story complete with trials and tribulations on her career path and much... more

?Rocking Your Role? The ‘how to' guide to success for female breadwinners by Jenny Garrett, sets out to go beneath the surface of what it means to be a Female Breadwinner and drags women kicking and screaming... more

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How to Thrive with Special Guest D.A. Wils CJ is honored to speak with D.A. Wils the creator of an amazing resource for the spiritual path called Horse to Water. If you are seeking or in need of a daily companion to offer you a helping... more

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Jeanette DePatie (AKA The Fat Chick) is a plus-sized, certified fitness teacher, marathoner, triathlete, author and public speaker who has spent nearly two decades helping thousands of people who haven't exercised in a while (or ever)... more

Jose Ruiz grew up in a world where anything was possible. From the moment he could speak, he became an apprentice of his nagual (shaman) father, don Miguel Ruiz, and his curandera (healer) grandmother, Mother Sarita. As a teenager, he... more

This week on Neurodiversity Radio is Body Liberator, Bonnie Gayle! Bonnie Gayle has become synonymous with terms like ?women's empowerment? and ?body liberation.? After co-creating Sex Butter, a blend of essential oils used to... more