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Featuring interviews with top authors, speakers & celebrities who candidly share their views, advice and wisdom on what it means to be authentic. Join us on February 3rd as we kick off Authentic You Radio with special guest don Jose Ruiz. Ruiz is the co-author of "The Fifth Agreement" and son of the Oprah endorsed best-selling author, don Miguel Ruiz (author of The Four Agreements).

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This week on Neurodiversity Radio is special guest Caroline McGraw! Caroline McGraw is a would-be childhood paleontologist turned storyteller, digging for treasure in people with autism & intellectual disabilities (& empowering... more

Awaken the Goddess with Special Guest Valerie Elster We live in the time of spiritual awakening as we all step forward and take our position on the front lines of the Great Change. This new era has been called many things, but in its... more

"Raspberry Swirl" All the single ladies! Dating couples to her left, married couples to her right, LadyHope stands in the middle wondering "Am I the ONLY single woman left??!" She knows it's not easy, and she's TRYING to be positive - but it... more

Next up on Trailblazers is Eco-Conscious Sexuality and Sustainable Love Author, Coach, Educator and Muse , Tinamarie Bernard! Tinamarie is the Author of People Planet Pleasure Purpose: Five Meaningful Ways to Embody... more

An addiction is a container that holds your spirit. It could be alcohol, drugs, shopping, sex, Facebook, reading, television - anything that keeps you separated from your spirit and from living the life of your dreams. The Healer Archetype... more

Cathy Emmerson spent the majority of her adult life selling real estate in her hometown of Maple Ridge, BC ...until she took a trip to Rwanda. Cathy had visited other African nations but had never felt the enthusiasm and energy that... more

(RE-BROADCAST) Certifying Reiki Master since 1988 and co-founding member of The Reiki Foundation and creator of the Luminous Joy network. Her extensive knowledge base in meditation, cognitive restructuring, visualization techniques,... more

Vibrating to Joy with Special Guest Michelle Houchens We are all searching for greater joy in our lives by actively pursuing personal growth, deep healing and expansion of our consciousness. What if greater joy were a choice and a course... more

This week on Goddess Within is all about Empowering Your Inner Goddess with special guest, Caroline A. Shearer! Caroline A. Shearer is the founder of Absolute Love Publishing, which was born out of a mission to create and publish projects... more

"Cruel" Relationship Roundtable No. 1: "Boys, Boys, Boys" How can you mend a broken heart? After a night of drinking and debauchery in NYC, TheUrbanGent stumbled home depressed and disheartened. As he tried to rest his restless... more